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November 21, 2011

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Need help funding your program? Lura Poggi of CrossFit Kids HQ has some tips.

Money! Money! Money!

Everyone needs more, and there isn’t enough to go around. Winning a grant proposal can be a great way to augment your current CrossFit Kids program and add new, creative programs and services. Here are some thoughts to consider in your grant-seeking journey.

Before starting your grant search, ask yourself some tough questions to focus your application processes.

Each grant application is unique. It is important to look closely at the application information for the required qualifications. In a competitive grant market, grantors will be looking for small things to weed out grant applications from the pool. It is important you meet all of the qualifications. Don’t try to fake it! If your organization does not meet the qualifications, keep looking for another grant opportunity. They are out there!

For a video about CrossFit Kids in schools and the Power a Bright Future grant, please click here.

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