Grow Your Mo

By Hilary Achauer

In The CrossFit Life

November 17, 2011

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Jimi Letchford rallies the CrossFit community to participate in Movember, a mustache-growing fundraiser to benefit men’s health. Hilary Achauer reports.

Take a look at the men around you. Notice anything … different? A dark shadow on their upper lip? Facial hair sprouting on the normally smooth and clean-shaven?

In any other month of the year, you could chalk it up to laziness or a belated attempt to join the mustache trend. Not in November. In this month, men all over the world grow mustaches for Movember, an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for men’s health—specifically, prostate cancer.

Knowing CrossFit athletes are dedicated to good health, the organizers of Movember reached out to CrossFit Headquarters and asked for support in this year’s fundraiser. Jimi Letchford, Chief Marketing Officer for CrossFit Headquarters and one of the owners of CrossFit Ethos in Laguna Hills, Calif., agreed to spearhead the effort.

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3 Comments on “Grow Your Mo”


wrote …

Movember? What happened to Mustache March?

I can't criticize Movember since it is raising money for a good cause, but I don't think "Mustache March" is a copyrighted event (Though I did find this site: which could benefit from Movember's organizational power), and since Mustach March has been going on since the late '60s - why not jump on that bandwagon and ride it! Half the Air Force will be sportin' 'staches in March and would be plenty happy to pair it with such a fundraiser...just saying.

I do admire the courage of Movember to support men's health. It's not very hip to make t-shirts that say, "I 'Heart' Prostates." Putting "Boobies" on a t-shirt is so much more fun, profitable, though perhaps sophomoric. But to quote Seinfeld, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Besides, what color would represent "Prostate Awareness Month" - brown?


wrote …

Heck Yeah! CrossFit Cape Cod is supporting the cause and having fun while raising awareness! Join the CrossFit group as soon as you can it feels good to help such a great cause. (Kinda like barbells for boobs, but it involves mustaches, testes, and prostates...ok so it's a whole different kind of fun.)


wrote …

Im currently sporting the Magnum P.I. stach.

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