“I WOD for Ted Hoyt”

By Jack Goodson

In CrossFit, Medical/Injuries

November 04, 2011

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After one of its members is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, CrossFit Mission Gorge shows what it means to be part of the CrossFit community. Jack Goodson reports.

Fall 2009.

CrossFit Mission Gorge was not two months old. And times were understandably difficult. The first rent was coming due. And there was no membership base at the San Diego, Calif., box.

Concern gripped co-owners Ian McHugh and Geo Rockwell. It was likely they would have to reach into their own pockets—and funds were already low after investing most of what they had into their California dream.

“We had less than 10 members at the time,” Rockwell said. “Most people who came through the door of our semi-empty warehouse were not convinced, sold or even slightly interested in paying for a membership at this point.”

Warren Hoyt is not most people. Hoyt was—and still is—a true believer. He was all-in from the start. “Ted,” as he is known, didn’t hesitate. He offered to pay his membership in full for the year.

Later, when Ted was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, it was time for the Mission Gorge community to reach out and support him.

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3 Comments on ““I WOD for Ted Hoyt””


wrote …

Great write-up and an inspiring story. As a fellow affiliate owner in San Diego, I can say from first-hand observation CFMG and 858 have built great communities.

Good luck Ted!


wrote …

Very inspirational and reason one million and one million why I crosffit. You can't beat the love and dedication from this community.


wrote …

We know that unfortunately this scenario will probably not be the only one among our Global CrossFit community. We hope that others, especially if they find themselves in similar situations, can benefit from this story and perhaps be inspired to do the same or similar.

If anyone has any questions on organization etc, please contact me at coachmark@crossfit858.com Also, check out this video from that day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qwWezzUWPs

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