Memorial Days

By Chris Pace

In LEO/Mil

November 25, 2011

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Chris Pace spends three tough days traveling from Arlington National Cemetery to Ground Zero to raise funds for the Disposable Heroes Project.

On the evening of Sept. 9, 2011, I began a journey that would test not only my physical limitations but also my mental limitations.

The Journey of Freedom was a 250-mile solo endeavor from Arlington National Cemetery to New York City and consisted of a 150-mile bike ride followed by a 100-mile run, all without stopping to sleep. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the Disposable Heroes Project, a non-profit organization that helps and honors wounded veterans and their families.

On Sept. 11, after 40 hours of an emotional rollercoaster, I finished the event at CrossFit NYC. Through overwhelming support, I was able to raise just over $10,000.



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wrote …

Chris - awesome dude!

Great to see someone give back in a really positive and generous way -

Good on you :-)

May your legs be stronger for the journey!


wrote …

Huge congratulations to you, Chris. You chose such a remarkable way to honor veterans and raise money for a great cause. I was very moved by reading about your experience. Wish we could all accomplish something like this.


wrote …

Thank you! The support I had was amazing and I could not have done it without everyone!

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