Motherhood and CrossFit

By Megan Mitchell and Allison Scahill

In Athletes, CrossFit

November 30, 2011

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Megan Mitchell and Allison Scahill interview an all-star list of CrossFitters who also happen to be mothers.

The duties of motherhood are enough to keep a woman busy every minute of the day. Add an elite CrossFit training regimen to the schedule and many wonder, “How do they do it?”

The demands of CrossFit and parenthood combined are overwhelming to think about, but a busy timetable is just a part of life for many of CrossFit’s elite athletes, competitors and diehards.

Here’s how some of the sports best athletes manage training, competing and raising children.

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5 Comments on “Motherhood and CrossFit”


wrote …

CrossFit moms are amazing. My wife and those mentioned in the article show some true commitment and are obviously what holds the fam together. Without my wife we would be a train wreck! Moms have the toughest job in the world, hands down.


wrote …

Very impressive--there was a woman at our box who was WODing up until days before going into labor. Just incredible.

Although, I think the title of this article should be "Pregnancy and CrossFit," rather than "Motherhood and CrossFit." When I read it, I was expecting to hear more about how to balance the lifestyle of being a mother and an athlete. We watch a Games competitor at our box at CrossFit Chicago do this daily with incredible grace and patience. Since pregnancy is so temporary, it would be highly beneficial to hear more about how women navigate these roles in the long-run. Thanks!


wrote …

I had the privilege of having Tanya Wagner as one of my instructors at my level one cert back in October 2010. I have never seen someone so passionate about teaching people whom she barely knew proper movement mechanics. I can definitely see that what makes her a champion is the love and enthusiasm she has for her sport. Congrats on the new baby!


wrote …

I love hearing about Mums who are thriving in Motherhood and Crossfit!! I gave birth 7 months ago and was crossfitting throughout my entire pregnancy and post-natal days. There's very little info on the subject out there, so just like the women in this article, I had to trust my intuition and work with the intensity my body could it's very comforting to know that these incredible athletes took the same approach.

I wish that all Mums could experience the amazing benefits of superior health and fitness. A complication free pregnancy, short labour, quick recovery, relatively high level of energy (considering all the sleepless nights!!) and most importantly a healthy baby is priceless.

Furthermore, I believe the mental strength I get by conquering a WOD, despite all the valid excuses I could make is invaluable.... and helps me face the never-ending challenges of Motherhood


What Chris said! I am really proud of ANYONE that can balance profession, athletics, and parenthood. Those "super dad" weekends when Lindsey is off coaching for HQ are ALWAYS a wake up call. I watch her work all day, parent all day, and train (hard) when convenient. It may be one of the most motivating things that us lesser humans (men) can experience.

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