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Making CrossFit Nutrition Easier by Richard Bradford - CrossFit Journal

Making CrossFit Nutrition Easier

By Richard Bradford

In Nutrition, Videos

November 19, 2011

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CrossFitter Richard Bradford is also a chef who runs RSB Catering in Atlanta, Ga. His new product line, Pre Made Paleo, includes prepared meals based on the Paleo Diet.

Bradford says he was first exposed to the Paleo Diet and CrossFit through one of his chefs and then started implementing Paleo meals in his business. Bradford says he’s motivated by the importance CrossFitters put on nutrition.

“It’s really driving me as a provider of it to come up with, you know, an option that is really a substitute for all of the extra work that is involved for … maintaining nutrition.”

Bradford says his business really took off once he adopted the diet himself and lost a “good amount of weight in a short period of time.” Sold on the efficacy of the diet, Bradford sought out a CrossFit gym and became a CrossFitter himself.

As a French-trained chef, Bradford turns CrossFit fuel into tasty meals, and he says CrossFit has given him a world of opportunities in his business and in his own fitness.

“I find it to be invaluable,” he says. “I feel like I have a new life that I’m living now.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 63 by Neil Anderson, published May 4, 2009.

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4 Comments on “Making CrossFit Nutrition Easier”


wrote …

Very cool!

I just added your business to the Paleo-Primal Directory of resources I'm building:

I'm really glad to see this type of offering develop, as it will go a long way towards making the transition to a Paleo lifestyle much easier for peoples.

- Julien


wrote …


Great story. Thanks. This is just another great example how crossffitters at the affiliate level make crosffit better. Great job and thank you CrossFit HQ for promoting this.


Come see me at We need good tasting paleo food. The biggest problem we have is figuring out what to buy and how to fix it, so it tastes great. I personally need simple, and this seems like you made paleo simple, great tasting, and convenient.

I too have a new life CrossFit has given me.

I feel though my modified diet is holding me back from taking my fitness journey to the next level. I feel if on a good paleo diet I could make huge advancement towards my fitness goals. The open is right around the corner and a solid paleo diet will help crossfitters better prepare these last few months.

I Would love to help further the paleo message on the south side of Atlanta. Thanks again and great story.

Patrick - CFL1 at CrossFitPTC (Peachtree City, GA)


wrote …

Hey Patrick... This is Justin Key (the other bald dude in the video... the one that uses the word GNARLY)... anyway, I own CrossFit Coweta in Sharpsburg Georgia.. we have members that are now using Pre-Made Paleo as supplementary AND primary sources of nourishment... If you would like first hand accounts of how AWESOME these meals are, just shoot me an email or call me.. 912-541-2616... I think this is a great way to get easy, quick, and delicious meals into the hands of the masses for a DAMN good price....

Thanks HQ for posting this video.
You guys ROCK!

Justin Key
Co-Owner CrossFit Coweta


replied to comment from Patrick James

Patrick. Thank you!

Let's talk soon. If you have already connected with Justin, perfect! We also can ship down to you. you can email me at

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