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November 09, 2011

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Join Rob Orlando, owner of Hybrid Athletics, as he teaches atlas-stone lifting technique to CrossFitters in the U.K. at one of his CrossFit Strongman Trainer Courses.

In the first segment of the series, he teaches how to shoulder a stone using the two-stage lift, which is useful for heavier loads and at failure, and the “one-timer,” which is best for lighter loads and met-cons.

To perform the two-stage lift, the set-up is key. Start with the stone between your ankles, never out in front of you. After a good set-up, Orlando has Carey Kepler deadlift the stone with straight arms, then pinch in her legs to make a shelf and “wrap it up” by tucking the stone into her torso and regripping the underside of the stone.

To bring it from the lap to the shoulder, “the hips kick up and then she starts to extend hard,” he says. The stone should roll into position.

For the one-timer, Orlando says it’s like a power clean. The set-up differs in that the arms are bent and the forearms press in on the stone. The lift is performed in one fluid motion.

“Like a sling shot, she’s going to raise her hips up out of the way and drill it straight to the shoulder in one motion,” he says.

Orlando also addresses problems and answers questions about safety, then coaches CrossFitters through the deadlift portion of the movement.

10min 47sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 135 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 1, 2010.

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8 Comments on “Coaching Points for Lifting Stones: Part 1”


wrote …

I have been training with a under 200lb strongman for nationals...he just went to his competition and placed 8th.. he came back to tell me most of the strongman (including the announcers) were poking fun at crossfitters..i love stongman movements and lifting heavy things in my everyday just upsets me that some people can be so ignorant...sorry just needed to vent!!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks Rob, great stuff!


wrote …

A group of us traveled from Israel to Stamford to train with Rob Orlando . It is a 6,000 mile trek that was worth every minute of travel.
The strongman movements as taught by Rob allows for a level of training and conditioning that requires less technical training than Oly lifts. This allows for a wider range of athletes to train with heavier loads movements that enhance their ability to function in life.
In essence this is a great basic range of training that increases the output in functional movement.
It may well be a misnomer to call this Strongman maybe strong life would be better .
Not limited for those who compete in true Strongman events this set of skills cross over to everyday life for everyday people .
If you have the chance to take the seminar or to utilize this equipment in your box or in your life do so .
Here in the land of Samson , one of the original strongmen, we use Atlas stones and tires to train soldiers as well as soccer Moms and the seniors . We do so using the gear and knowledge that Rob has distilled and is so able to convey.
Thank you Rob Tim and Hybrid Athletics !


wrote …

Great instructional, Rob always does!

One small point, bad camera angle. Too much distraction from what Rob was saying, if I may be so crass.


replied to comment from Andrew Charlesworth

Yeah Andrew, powerlifters laugh at us too. Who gives a rats a## what they think, we use their techniques to become better all arounders then them. Oh well, to each his own.

Great video. Carey, you rock!


wrote …

anyone that thinks they are more fit then a crossfitter just challenge them to a race of 30 pullups for time :)


wrote …

I went to the strongman class at crossfit ethos and it was outstanding!!! You learn alot in one day and the stones were the best part for me. Rob and his hybrid staff were great. Cant wait to see a stone to shoulder WOD on the main site someday.


wrote …

After spending 5 days training with Rob, all that's left to say is: listen to what the guy has to say, giving you tools and techniques that will make a monster out of you!!! simple & effective.

thanks rob, hope to get to train again with you and timmy .

omry peled

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