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Sue Pepe: Taking Control of My Health by Sue Pepe and Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

Sue Pepe: Taking Control of My Health

By Sue Pepe and Rob Orlando

In CrossFit, Videos

December 17, 2011

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“I wanna reverse the aging process. I wanna go the other direction,” says Sue Pepe, a 61-year-old CrossFitter who is making significant health improvements through CrossFit.

“I’m more fit than I was 30 years ago,” she says. “I feel great.”

Rob Orlando, owner of Hybrid Athletics, is proud of her success.

“All of her critical numbers have changed pretty drastically. Most importantly, her blood pressure was down from 150 over 110 to 119 over 79, I believe. She is off of all medications that she was taking, and she’s down 30 lb. in one year,” he says.

“I think the biggest changes is the lifestyle changes, taking control of my health,” Pepe says. “I’m seeing the results.”

However, Pepe had a tough time starting CrossFit. She says she felt intimidated and outside the rest of the group because of her age and fitness level. Orlando says he helped her become a part of the community and scale her workouts accordingly.

“I was so overweight and so sedentary that it was an effort just for me to even walk,” she says. “It was just starting off with the small steps first and then working my way up to where I felt comfortable even being in a group of CrossFitters.”

Pepe’s original CrossFit Journal video has inspired others, and Orlando says Pepe isn’t the only one who can turn her life around.

“It’s just regular people doing extraordinary things, and I think that she is the shining example of that,” Orlando says. “This program works, and it works really well.”

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Additional reading: A CrossFit Grandma by Mary Conover, published Oct. 1, 2004.

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12 Comments on “Sue Pepe: Taking Control of My Health”


wrote …

Congratulations to you Sue Pepe! One of the best CrossFit Journal videos I have viewed. Keep up the good work and continue to be proud of yourself.

-James Ryan


wrote …

So Happy for you Sue! Inspirational. Keep up the good/hard work. Wish you the best!

-Matt Beard


wrote …

Great job Rob and Sue, keep up the great work!


wrote …


Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!

I love stories like this,


wrote …

as a fellow traveller on that certain side of 60 .. can i say Sue WELL DONE!!!! you rock woman!!!!!. If only we could convince more women around our age that CrossFit holds almost boundless positives for us... plus isnt it fun finally learning to push our boundaries and discovering that we can indeed improve our strength, mobility and mental outloook all rolled into one program...

love ya



wrote …

Thank you for your support. I so wish more 60 year olds would give CF a chance. The benefits are so worth it and the Crossfit community embraces you and cheers you on all the way. It is such a positive experience. I feel so blessed to have the family, friends and CF community to share my journey! God Bless!


replied to comment from Helen Brennan

Helen you are so right. How do we get more 60's involved? They don't know what they are missing. The positive energy goes a long way to reversing the aging process!


wrote …

Great video, and ditto to Helen's remarks about that 60+; Sue is an inspiration to all of us on "that side" or for that matter--any side of any age. I definitely wish there were more of us at my box in Plano TX.


wrote …

thank you sue. im a avid crossfitter and coach. cant wait to show you to my parents. hopefully you will be the reason they start up :) keep up the great work!


wrote …

This is Awesome. I have a few older people in my life that are either Diabetics or over weight or have something going on with them that keep them from feeling good. I want to club them over the head and drag them into the gym for this reason. Good on you Sue for DOING it, it's one thing to say you are going to change your life and quite another to actually do it. Hope to see another article on you in 10 years!


wrote …

Well done, CrossFit. Well done, Sue Pepe. Well done, Rob Orlando and Hybrid Athletics. I have been quietly watching, learning, practicing, and imbibing all that is CrossFit since 2006. Incredibly, every thing about it keeps getting better. I can't think of more than one or two comparable examples. Thank you CrossFit; Thank you Sue, Rob, and Hybrid; Thank you All.


wrote …

Wonderful story!

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