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CrossFit Bellevue SEALFIT by Dan Cerrillo - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Bellevue SEALFIT

By Dan Cerrillo

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December 12, 2011

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Dan Cerrillo, owner of CrossFit Bellevue and former Navy SEAL operator and BUD/S instructor, has been inspired to create a SEALFIT class at his affiliate. The class is made up of CrossFitters including those seeking entrance into a military organization and CrossFitters Cerrillo calls “hard.” Even Cerrillo participates in the program.

“This program’s a lot different than CrossFit,” he says. “A lot more is expected of you all the time.”

Cerrillo leads the class through a typical warm-up, a strength component, a WOD, a stamina component and an endurance component—including a buddy swim and buddy carry.

“I’m trying to show them there’s a different thing you need to be capable of,” he says.

Cerrillo describes how he runs the program. He has interested clients start the program gradually only after they have been CrossFitting for at least a year.

“Basically the one rule is if you’re going to do the entire SEALFIT thing, you can’t quit, because if you quit, you can’t come back,” he says.

According to Cerrillo, his goal is simple: “send a good quality candidate … because a person who didn’t show up in shape, they’re a waste of time.”

He adds: “If you think pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups are going to get you in shape, you’re wrong.”

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Additional reading: Staying in the Fight by Mark Divine, published Sept. 12, 2011.

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17 Comments on “CrossFit Bellevue SEALFIT”


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Hey none of the links download, they all stream and my wireless connection is less than optimal. Can you fix that?


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Michael, right-click the format you want to save and click "Save link as".

Select where you want to save the file and voila.


wrote …

this is very inspiring! Wish we had something like this here!


wrote …

Wow, when I first saw Dan do the tour of his new facility at CF Bellevue, I was thinking, "This guy owns/runs the box?" Seeing him participating and running the class, I'm impressed. I like his demeanor towards these guys, as a firefighter and box owner, I really can relate to this (insert preparing Fire cadets instead of special forces candidates, lol). Crossfit Bellevue is now on my list for sure to visit. Great job Dan, keep it coming!!


wrote …

Watching guys work hard to prepare themselves to serve makes my day. Seeing Dan give his time and knowledge to help them...excellent!


CrossFit Bellevue represent!


wrote …

Great stuff. Quick question though. What are JA's? I saw them listed in the warmup and must admit my ignorance.


wrote …

I've been really impressed with the videos from CF Bellevue. Awesome facility, and a great coach and leader in Dan Cerrillo. I really wish I didn't live 1500 miles away!


Joint articulations.


replied to comment from Dan Cerrillo

Thanks for the swift reply and video explanation. Appreciate it. It's tough to keep track of all the acronyms sometimes.


wrote …

Dan, great work!


Dan Cerrillo wrote …

Thanks Pat, thanks everyone for all the great words. I spent most of my life serving this great country and god willing I will continue to do so. CrossFit helped me recover from crippling injuries and 10-surgeries, I have learned so much from so many great people P.Sherwood included. Now its my turn to try and help those who need it, give advice to those that want it, and prepare those who wish to serve. Happy Holidays everyone, be safe, be happy and never go to sleep angry.


wrote …

I've personally learned a lot from Coach Cerrillo. He's on my shortlist of top coaches.


wrote …

Thanks for reminding me to hit it hard. You're doing great work for/with these kids, Dan!


wrote …

After I saw that first part with the kiddie pools and what looked like toys, I was expecting a funny parody video! While I didn't laugh during this video, it was still good ;)


wrote …

Does anyone know the music tracks used for this video?

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