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CrossFit Kids Trainer Course: The Deadlift Series by John Brown - CrossFit Journal

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December 14, 2011

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Get a peak inside a CrossFit Kids Trainer Course with John Brown of CrossFit Kids. In this segment, Brown explains how to teach the deadlift.

For preschoolers, Brown says the deadlift is all about the set-up position. To teach it, CrossFit Kids uses the angry-gorilla posture.

“Preschoolers are not going to be moving any load. We’re going to make a game of this. We’re going to do animal walks, animal relays where we throw the angry-gorilla walk into the game,” he says.

The kids group starts picking up light loads—“the lowest stimulus that we can use to actually generate a response,” Brown says. Once they show consistent mastery of technique, they are ready for heavier loads.

Brown explains the kids cues. Back position is paramount, so he says he’ll raise the object off the ground if doing so will create a good back position.

Teens use the barbell and either kids or adult cues depending upon maturity. Brown says the importance with this age group is teaching readiness of the whole body before lifting.

For those with position challenges, the sumo deadlift or elevating the weight are acceptable alternatives and are accompanied by mobility work. He emphasizes safety first.

Says Brown: “If they lose lumbar curve during (the lift), you are simply going to yell at them, ‘Drop the bar!’”

He adds: “You’re there to protect these kids. We want to make sure they stay safe. We want to make sure they’re getting stronger.”

Video by Again Faster.

11min 49sec

Additional reading: Will CrossFit Make American Kids Smarter? by Lisa Bakshi, published Jan. 26, 2009.

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wrote …

Great to see you in action teaching John.


Jeff Martin wrote …

Good job Brother. If you work with kids this is essential.


wrote …

Great article


wrote …

Great course with awesome cues that work for adults too!! Everyone should immediately sign up for a kids cert after they get their level 1.


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