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Moving to a New Box by Travis Harkey - CrossFit Journal

Moving to a New Box

By Travis Harkey

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December 02, 2011

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Travis Harkey is the owner of CrossFit North Atlanta in Georgia. Join him and his crew as they discuss moving their box into a larger facility—their first move since opening four years ago.

“We are basically at capacity,” Harkey says. “If everybody came to the workout they were enrolled in, we’d have a problem.”

CrossFit North Atlanta is just one of five different affiliates in a three-mile radius, but they make it work.

“Our new potential customers or prospect clients are shopping, which is cool,” he says. “It means they’re informed and they’re looking for the right culture and the right, you know, leadership and the right … overall methodologies and the space—you name it.”

CrossFit North Atlanta’s new facility boasts an open warehouse space, high ceilings and bay doors. The coaches say they started the process of finding a new home over three months before settling on the new facility. Harkey explains how they found the new location and ultimately picked it.

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Additional reading: Garage Gym II: The Revolution by Greg Glassman, published July 1, 2005.

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5 Comments on “Moving to a New Box”


wrote …

Going to Brest and Renne France for three weeks in December, looking for crossfit gyms in either city. Lemme' know if you know.


wrote …

Love this guy. I am opening a box next month and am excited that after 4 years he is still just as excited as I am.


wrote …

please tell me they kept documenting until opening day would love to see that series


wrote …

Totally agree with Yannick Dagenais. I would love to see more videos of the move and any renovations you did to the space.
Please tell me this is part 1 of a series.


this is good stuff - I agree it would be great to see the documentary from new space to opening day.
being the owner of a small garage gym I like to see where this could go. i'm also an atl affiliate.
so good to see some ATL in the journal lately.

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