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A Conversation With Dave Castro and Sevan Matossian by Dave Castro and Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

A Conversation With Dave Castro and Sevan Matossian

By Dave Castro and Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit, Media, Videos

December 13, 2011

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At the 2011 Affiliate Gathering in Big Sky, Mont., HQ Director of Training Dave Castro sat down with Sevan Matossian to find out more about the CrossFit HQ filmmaker.

Castro asked Matossian how he gets his subjects to leave their comfort zone.

“I make people feel comfortable. That allows me to ask uncomfortable questions,” Matossian said. “I thrive on sort of questions that I’m uncomfortable asking.”

Matossian described how he is one of CrossFit’s biggest fans.

“I love human beings,” he said. “With CrossFit, I really get to see human beings on their physical level ... really perform. And then, by the grace of the CrossFit executives, they allow me free rein to approach the top elite athletes and ask them questions and pursue their psyches.”

Matossian went on to talk about his CrossFit Games experiences and discussed his current interests and future projects, including his passion for photography.

“I pursue things relentlessly without knowing where they’re going,” Matossian said.

14min 34sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 186 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 24, 2011.

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35 Comments on “A Conversation With Dave Castro and Sevan Matossian”


wrote …

LOVED this! Sevan is so talented and fascinating and real.


wrote …

Very Cool interview.


wrote …

Sevan is the man! He's like Crossfit's Oprah.


wrote …

It was a great interview of a very passionate man.


wrote …

Cool stuff thanks for the look at the man behind the camera.


wrote …

I would venture to say that Sevan has been an instrumental contribution to the growth of CrossFit and a large part of why so many CrossFit'ers love CrossFit. His video clips, documentaries, and photos have contributed to the motivation behind PRs, lifestyle and Community the world over. What a fantastic opportunity to get to know the man behind the lens.


Patrick Flannelly wrote …

Someday when I walk through Ceaser's Palace I will stop in the Sevan Matossian Gallery instead of the Neil Leifer one....


wrote …

I echo the comments made by Chris Fenlon-MacDonald. Sevan's work has added a lot of depth to the journal.

Talking about Annie made me wonder if we'll see a documentary on Rich?


wrote …

Does he have his photos posted where we can see them. There are awesome!


wrote …

He really seems like someone who is dedicated to his passions.
I guess we're all lucky that one of them is CrossFit.


wrote …

Love your work Sevan. I agree with Chris' comments, you've been instrumental in the growth of Crossfit. In other respects I get envious seeing what you're doing while I'm shooting local commercials for a TV station and you're the filmaker I always wanted to be.


wrote …

Great to see "The Ninja" in front of the camera.


wrote …

I'm glad the CF community is finally getting to know someone who has been passionately working behind the scenes for a long time.


wrote …

Question to ponder: Sevan spoke about insects having amazing bodies and being high-level performers. Is this so because they (and other non-human animals) don't have humans' ability to make their lives physically easier and more comfortable by building machines to do the work that our bodies once did by necessity?


wrote …

Well, Dave, I bet you feel bad about being mean to Sevan now. A solid conversation like that is hard to capture on camera. Great job, guys.


wrote …

What a good guy. Much love Sevan. Hope to see you soon.


wrote …

sevan. you are an artist sir. keep it up. you and dave are a big part of why i feel into crossfit. you guys as well as all crossfitters are badASS!


wrote …

Just to be honest, I was mean to Sevan once, very mean. I regret it to this day. Sevan is a man of his word, he gave me some space and later tried again! I know I've apologized about 6 times, but consider this the 7th!


wrote …

Big fan of Sevan's...his passion and sense of humor always come through in his work. If anyone in the CF community hasn't seen "Pulling John", I suggest you check it out.


wrote …

For Sevan and everyone that enjoys photos off bugs;


wrote …

What is it about Sevan that brings out the meanness in others?

Just kidding.

I remember a conversation at the 2009 Games. Sevan and I discussed the problem of wearing "badass" T-shirts when you're not actually a badass.

But I actually think Sevan IS a badass, in his own way.


wrote …

Sevan is an amazingly wise man. I agree with so many of the comments above about him being so much a part of CrossFit and the growth of the community. He has captured so many inspiring moments. Thank you Sevan for all that you have personally done for me and also thank you for what you have done for CrossFit as a community..


wrote …

Great interview Dave and thank-you Sevan for sharing so much of yourself.

Your insect photographs are amazing.

I missed the opportunity to buy you drinks at eh 2010 games, I hope I get the chance to thank you in some other way in future for everything you've done.


wrote …

Sevan always asks the questions I would ask if I met these elite athletes. Thanks to Sevan I feel I know these CrossFitters I have never met. Thanks Sevan!


Hollis Molloy wrote …

I love Sevan!!!


wrote …

Sevan should have a photography website where he posts his photos. I really like photography and would like to have the chance to flip through some of his work. Excellent idea. It's awesome to have Sevan a part of this community.


Paul Southern wrote …

The most profound part of the interview, for me, is when Sevan talks about putting first things first. His art. His job. His friends. His family.

"Sevan is the smartest kid in the room."


wrote …

Sevan's brilliant. Thanks for bringing your passion to this over the years. Inspired us all.


wrote …

All of these comments are things I would say....and more! Great video, incredible human being!

I have to be honest, one of my first thoughts (of a thousand) was, "Man, the guy who has been behind the camera this whole time is gorgeous!!"

If you have a blog on your photos and art, Sevan, you should post it!

I hope there are more interviews on their way!! Truly inspiring.


wrote …

Nice job by Castro too!


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

When I met Sevan back in 2007, I wasn't a big fan. But he has grown on me especially over the last year after having had some great conversations and after watching his videos over the last 5 or 6 years. He works tirelessly to uncover and highlight the best of what CrossFit athletes have to offer. He has grown as an interviewer and photojournalist. I actually look forward to what he is going to do next because he keeps delivering great stuff. Thanks, Sevan. Keep up the great work.


wrote …

Best journal article I have seen.


Dale Saran wrote …

Sevi - So glad that CrossFit has given us all a chance to collaborate, commiserate, drink coffee, share laughs, and pour ourselves into this "thing" and community. Look forward to next time we get to work out and work together.

Dave - pretty damn good interview, bra.

Big ups to Coach, Lauren, and all the OCers who helped build this thing.
Nice, nice piece.


wrote …

The CF community has been great to me. I really appreciate how welcoming and friendly you all have been.

I want to give a huge thank you to my colleague, Hayley Parlen who did a great job assembling this story.

Thanks Hayley


wrote …

Finally the Tables are Turned!:) Thank You for Everything you do for the CF Community Sevan. More Dave/Sevan Please!

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