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December 28, 2011

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Jim Ametler is a 48-year-old CrossFitter who served as battalion medical chief with the Marine Corp. He recently took a Level 1 Trainer Course at Norcal CrossFit Santa Clara and describes his CrossFit experiences as a Marine.

Amentler says he was first exposed to CrossFit in 2007 in Iraq and used the program “to keep in shape.”

He discusses how he joined the military later in life and why he chose that profession. Before entering the military, Amentler was chief photographer at MuscleMag International and photographed gym members in Los Angeles. He says he worked out irregularly.

“I was never really that motivated to do it,” he says. Then Amentler started CrossFit and saw results.

“I just made tremendous strides in fitness, being in much better shape, body fat lower, stronger than I’ve ever been,” he says.

Amentler describes the success of CrossFit in the military and how it’s growing. He says CrossFit helps prepare Marines for the combat fitness testing they undergo twice a year.

“The things that we do here translate directly over to the things that we’re doing on the battlefield,” he says.

Amentler also describes the personal success he has had through the help of CrossFit and how it benefits him in his current positions as a military and non-military instructor.

“I’d say that I am probably in the best shape of my life—and just getting better,” he says.

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Additional reading: A Concept for Functional Fitness by USMC, published Jan. 1, 2007.



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wrote …

Great video article. Jim is a great asset to our CrossFit Roseville tribe!

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