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December 16, 2011

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Dan Edelman explains how to keep children engaged well into adulthood with solid programming.

The front door slams behind her with a smug finality. The noise is lost in the clamor rushing at the woman and her son like a tsunami. It’s kids’ racket, happy racket.

After a brief chat with a trainer, a waiver is signed and two free trial weeks sprawl before them. Hands delicately on her son’s shoulders, the woman steers him ahead of her.

The roll-up doors are open, and a swarm of preteens chatter seemingly all at once. From behind the now slightly distressed mom and baleful-eyed boy strides Coach Jeff Martin. One kid, then another sees Martin and dutifully begins moving toward the PVC pipe in the corner of the gym. One by one, the kids demonstrate their technique, get the nod, then head to the platforms.

It’s Tuesday—that means deadlifts. And the boy and his mom learn rather quickly that despite the air of levity, this is no nonsense. This is the weightlifting program for the CrossFit Kids Teen/Advanced class. It is serious business. CrossFit Kids Teen/Advance is underpinned by a methodology deliberately designed for the preadolescent and adolescent age group, a methodology that is entirely CrossFit Kids, entirely CrossFit.



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