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Training With Champions: Parts 1 and 2 by Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey - CrossFit Journal

Training With Champions: Parts 1 and 2

By Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey

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December 15, 2011

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Find out what it’s like to train with 2009 CrossFit Games champion Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey, first-place finisher in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, as filmmaker Sevan Matossian captures their training in preparation for the 2012 Games season.

In Part 1, Salo says a typical training day consists of warm-up and strength training, then a met-con. He often warms up with a row, then prepares for the strength movement. Salo explains his choice of rowing settings and discusses the technique he uses and where he breaks down. He also explains his use of weightlifting shoes and how they help his performance.

Bailey logs his workouts diligently and says he includes not only workouts and times but also “how you felt, where you failed, where you struggled.”

He adds: “All that can be really helpful when you look back on it.”

In Part 2, Bailey discusses his weaknesses and how he programs them into his training. He looks back on his sixth-place Games performance in 2011.

“I had one or two bad events, and I think I let that get to me a little bit—and I shouldn’t have. But you live and you learn,” he says.

Salo says he benefits from working out with Bailey.

“I’m chasing him, and sometimes he’s chasing me, so that’s a good thing,” he says. “I believe this gives me a lot and it gives Dan a lot.”

Part 1
6min 24sec

Part 2
6min 24sec

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18 Comments on “Training With Champions: Parts 1 and 2”


wrote …

I wish these 2 vids were a lot longer.


wrote …

Here, here. Awesome, my two favorite guys in crossfit.


wrote …

Just an observation - but I am holding open the option of being impressed..... in THE Rogue gym, I clearly see Eleiko plates behind Dan Bailey...... You would think it would be Rogue outfitting all the way. Both Rogue and Eleiko make world class plates. I am impressed that they are prominently displayed. Kudos to Rogue.


wrote …



wrote …

awesome to see this! Was hoping for something like the no1 and no2 doc as far as length of video is concerned.


replied to comment from Randall Rattan

pretty sure those are still Rogue plates.

New rogue plates look almost identical to Eleiko.


replied to comment from Jesus Nunez



wrote …

Sevan, these are the types of interviews I like to see. Please keep it coming!!!!


wrote …

i'd love to see some of the journals of the top games competitors. It seems to me like they do such an enormous amount of volume (maybe too much realistically)especially in comparison to how their bodies feel w/ that high of volume and what they do for recovery purposes.


wrote …

This was disappointing in length, would have wanted a lot more video.


wrote …

more training less talking or at leave this amount of talk but show more training so the vids are longer and meatier. There was some good questions/answers but would really like to see more.


wrote …

Should have been called warming up with chmpions :)


wrote …

i love watching videos on Dan bailey, hes a huge inspiration to me when it comes to crossfit and some aspects of life! of course Mikko is awesome as well lol anyways awesome vid!


wrote …

Triva: What kind of shoes is meko the great putting on in this vid??


wrote …

Great video and great detail questions. If the devil is in the details Sevan is obviously the devil :)

Seriously though love learning exactly what the pros routines are, what damper setting, how they got there. Makes them seem almost human (almost).

Keep up the great work Sevan.


wrote …

SEVAN!!! Great work man but make them longer! Love watching these. Awesome to see the elite athletes working out together and pushing each other in a regular day routine. Keep working hard Dan and Mikko!


I am hoping there are parts, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc of this since we barely got to see the warm-up.
THe only training advice I could take away from this is get a good, hard training, bad-ass partner that can push you into the chase, and vice versa. That's great advice MIkko and you are a great athlete. Can't wait to see your performance in 2012. Dan you are a bad ass too! 2 podium spots here...


wrote …

Would love to see Mikko back squat. I've seen tons of videos of Mikko front squatting, push pressing, doing cleans, etc., but strangely enough, never back squatting. Any way Sevan can put in a good word and get some footage? :)

Thanks for all the great work!

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