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Training With Champions: Part 5 by Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey - CrossFit Journal

Training With Champions: Part 5

By Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey

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December 30, 2011

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Find out what it’s like to train with 2009 CrossFit Games champion Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey, first-place finisher in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, as filmmaker Sevan Matossian captures their training in preparation for the 2012 Games season.

In Part 5, Salo and Bailey move on to metabolic conditioning with front squats (the same movement the pair went heavy on earlier that day) and sled pulling.

Salo says his met-con training often incorporates a heavy lift from earlier in the day. He says he likes that programming because the body is primed by the heavy lifting, although he concedes that his met-con time will be slower due to fatigue from the preceding lifts. The Finn says he’s used this system for several years and had a lot of success.

“There might be another … training program that might give me better results, but I’ll stay with this because I’m getting good results with this,” Salo says.

Salo says this is his first time running with a sled, and Bailey shares coaching points, including Pose running tips.

After their workout, they analyze their performance and the workout itself, including the sled pull, which allows for fast recovery because it’s a concentric movement only.

“That’s the good thing for training with sleds: you don’t get sore from that. You feel now like you’re totally done, but tomorrow you’re not sore at all,” Salo says.

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Additional reading: Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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5 Comments on “Training With Champions: Part 5”


wrote …

Loving this series, these two are such beasts! Great to see them training hard together and great questions Sevan


wrote …

B. E. A. S. T. S. You two guys are my Physical Training heroes. Humble + Intense... Love it.

What are your recommendations for a good lifting shoe? I have been wanting to buy one but I do not know alot about them.


wrote …

the end of that video, where they are actually working out, was the best part. I would like to see more training less set up. I think it is good to see the games competitors huffing and puffing like we do, makes me more motivated to push it. These guys get me fired up. The Mikko death by clean and jerk video is an excellent example, minimal setup and the whole WOD motivated me to do the same workout and it is now one of my favorites.


wrote …

This series is awesome. I like both the setup and the workout. I would like to see a listing of all components of the WOD.

These guys are great ambassadors of CrossFit and Sevan does a great job of documenting their hard work.


wrote …

I like the way Mr Bailey explains the running mechanics as it is espoused by the United States Track and Field ( USATF).
This explanation seems similar to Dr Romanov's explanation but it is actually very different.
Except that I disagree with the "elbow kept a 90 degrees" thing. It is a huge myth to think that track and field athlete kept their elbows at 90 degress. They dont!!!! Just watch a video of a sprinter.

Good video!!!

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