Training With Mom

By Kim Malz and Karen Rackliffe

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December 29, 2011

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Karen Rackliffe is a 60-Plus Masters Division competitor from the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. She finished in fifth place. Her daughter, Kim Malz, was a Games competitor in 2009. In this video, they share how training together has helped them both improve their performance.

Malz says her husband introduced her to CrossFit, and once she adopted the program, she quickly got her mother on board too. Rackliffe says she was not athletic since playing high-school sports years ago but saw her athleticism blossom later in life through CrossFit.

Malz says she helps keep her mother focused on her training, especially with accessory work after class to practice different movements.

“I welcome the challenge. I think I can get better at some things. I think probably there’s some things that I just will not be able to do, and, you know, that’s OK,” Rackliffe says.

According to Rackliffe, she is probably the healthiest she’s ever been.

“It’s because of CrossFit,” she says. “I’ll keep doing it to whatever extent I can for as long as I can.”

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Additional reading: CrossFit After 40 by Dr. Allison Belger, published Jan. 30, 2010.

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wrote …

Seems to cut off a little early!!


wrote …

Windows version cut off at 1:13, Quicktime version ran all the way through.

Nice story, enjoyed it.


wrote …

Windows as well as VLC cut off early. Check it, tks


wrote …

Excellent work ladies! Kim, it is easy to see where you get all the gumption and grit! That was a fun video, I love being able to show folks what CAN be done by those not of spring-chicken age.

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