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January 06, 2012

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At a Level 1 Trainer Course at Norcal CrossFit Santa Clara, Seminar Staff member Pat Sherwood addresses the attendees to find out who is new to CrossFit. Tim Gallagher and David Temple are two of those people.

A retired professional football player, Gallagher has owned a gym, Sonora Sports and Fitness Center, for the past 20 years. He already has a CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Sonora Sports and Fitness Center, inside his gym, and classes are run by CrossFit trainer Allison Autrey. Temple is another personal trainer at the same gym.

For Gallagher, fitness has been a lifelong passion.

“I started working out when I was 14. I’d say from 14 to now 51, I’ve always done some kind of activity,” Gallagher says.

Gallagher says he wants to learn more about CrossFit because he is expanding the CrossFit program at his gym.

After the Level 1 workout, Temple says he is a CrossFit convert.

“I never was a CrossFit believer until now,” he says. “I used to just be one of those guys who just curled in front of the mirror.”

“It was fun. I enjoyed it,” Gallagher says of his experience at the Level 1 course. “I always like to know what it feels like to do it. So today I got that chance—it was good.”

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Additional reading: Where I’ve Trained, What I’ve Learned by Russell Greene, published Dec. 27, 2010.

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3 Comments on “Attending a Level 1 Trainer Course as a First-Time CrossFitter”


wrote …

Tim, you are an inspiration to me and others in the "over 50" crowd. I am a 65 year old personal trainer who has been bitten by the CrossFit bug. I have been a trainer for over 14 years and just recently found CrossFit (wish it had been years ago), we have been using the AMRAP's and WOD's for a while and using some of our own creative exercises. I have a small studio (box) doing small group training and CrossFit is such a great fit for that.
I have contemplated going to the Level 1 cert. but not having actually atteneded a "CrossFit" affiliate class I was hesitant thinking I would be too far behind the curve to make a go of it.
Bottom Line: I am going to make that commitment and go for my Level 1 Cert. and hopefully an affiliate status after that.

Thanks again Tim.


wrote …

Right on Tim! I too was a frist timer. Best weekend of fitness in my life.


Dane Thomas wrote …

I think it is great that the gym owner took the step to check out what was going on. I hope that it has a positive impact on your facility Tim. I've got family and friends who live in your area and I hope to drag them in with me for a visit when I'm in Sonora in April!

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