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January 26, 2012

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Original Firebreather Greg Amundson is no stranger to law enforcement.

For nine years, he was a deputy sheriff in Santa Cruz County, Calif., and he worked at the Drug Enforcement Administration for four years. Today, he still serves as a reserve officer in Santa Cruz. In this video, he speaks to members of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, S.C., about what CrossFit can do for them.

“What studies have shown us about lethal confrontations and those cops that survive (is that) many times it’s not just physical fitness or physical ability. It’s the belief they had in themselves—that belief that, ‘I will overcome any threat I face on the street.’”

CrossFit is tough, Amundson concedes. But “what it also does is it builds this tangible belief in the physical ability that the officers and deputies, the agents, the law-enforcement profession needs to win the unknown and unknowable challenge on the street.”

Law-enforcement officers, Amundson argues, are professional athletes more so than UFC fighters.

“When you hit the street, when you’re behind your patrol car, do you know when the fight for your life will be? Do you know how many opponents you will face? Is there a referee? So you tell me, which athlete has more demand?”

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Additional reading: CrossFit Training for Law Enforcement: Jacksonville Five Years Later by T.J. Cooper and Phil Canto, published Sept. 1, 2007.

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18 Comments on “Law Enforcement Training Seminar”


wrote …

Fabulous story, example and introduction to CrossFit and it's application!


wrote …

Great article thought it was profound! From a British bobby and struggling crossfiter


wrote …

Greg should meet with Ken Murray ("training at the speed of life") if they haven't already. We (LEA, SOF, etc.) share an awful lot of the same perspectives. I was witness to Ken's teaming up with a high performance psychologist-great stuff. Interesting to see him team up with a high performance physical-ogist!


wrote …

WHOOAA!!! This is SPOT-ON. As a Staff Fitness Coordinator at a Federal Correctional Institution, and CF'er since 2008, it's a goal of mine to get my agency on board with the CrossFit method. Anyone working in corrections should abandon the globo-gym routine for CrossFit. . .Period. Greg, U-DA-Mann!!! Has CrossFit been implemented in the ATF community, and how would you advise an approach within other federal agencies?


wrote …

Hello Greg!
Thank you for providing the CrossFit and Law Enforcement community with another inspirational video.
Be Safe and Godspeed!


wrote …

Greg, you are a true inspiration and thank you for what you do for both the LEO and Crossfit community!!


wrote …

Very well spoken. Nice work Greg.


replied to comment from Glen Parker

ATF does Crossfit at FLETC, not CITP but our ATF specific portion. The field division level is up to each individual agent. I do, but I'm the only one in my group who does.


wrote …

Greg, well done!


wrote …

Greg A,
great story! i'm a State Trooper with the SCHP and CFer since Fall of 2008. wishing i could have been a part of this. Keep doing awesome, Amundson!


Carl Dyer wrote …

I'm an instructor at a Law Enforcement Training Academy and I work part time at a Crossfit box. We use the methodology to give the recruits a foundation for physical training throughout their careers. Great article. Keep up the great work.


wrote …

Great video Greg. As important our Firearms and Defensive Tactics are. They are useless if we dont have the strength and endurance to perform them. Crossfit is PERFECT for all aspects of Law Enforcement.


George, thanks for sharing this link with me!


Greg, I first met you at the old Santa Cruz box in 2006 and have really learned a lot from your posts, videos, etc.; but most of all from the example you set. Thanks!


wrote …

Greg, and CF Journal you have given the LEO/MIL a tool to break ground with our administrators to transition to CF training from traditional PT. We have one of our swat team members who is a CF level 1 trainer and he has been a tremendous resource for us implementing a new CF PT program for 2012. Every training day we have done a bodyweight wod. The guys are having fun and we are learning new skills. Greg thank you for your service to us through CF.


Dale Saran wrote …

Greg Amundson = Legit. Dude oozes legit. I bet his sweat cures weakness.


wrote …

Love it!

I am a part owner of a CrossFit gym and a Cop in NZ.

Bloody great stuff - would love to see more of the seminar, Greg is spot on -

what he describes we practice to the 'T'.

He is also one of my crossfit inspirations and one of the reasons I became a cop.

Bloody awesome stuff! :-)


wrote …


Thank you for your contributions and for the true passion you display doing what you love. I'm excited about all I've been reading and watching about Crossfit. However, I'm extremely new to Crossfit, needless to say I've been blessed with an awesome opportunity to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters that I serve with, behind the badge. It's an opportunity to implement a new physical training program for my agency. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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