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By Alex “Ice Tiger” Kurz

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January 12, 2012

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In 2008, three men started a business in what used to be a warehouse for transmission parts in Encinitas, Calif. Today, two of them still live there and opened a CrossFit affiliate in the same location. Alex Kurz describes it as the place where “Life As Prescribed started and grew.”

“We all moved into a loft that used to just hold transmission parts,” says the co-founder and director of production at Life As Rx. “So we scraped it down, we painted everything, and all three of us moved up here.”

The space is cramped and missing a window, and those who are taller than 6 feet can’t move about comfortably.

“We saw such a future in it that we had to give up our jobs, put everything into it,” Kurz says of the 4-year-old company.

The former warehouse is packed with shelves of apparel and accessories, as well the “shipping dragon” and bike preserved for superstitious reasons—both have been there since the company’s inception. And there’s also an Every Second Counts poster commemorating the 2009 CrossFit Games, the first year Life As Rx went to the event.

“A lot of us laugh about where the Games used to be, to where it’s at now—’cause it’s a whole different story,” Kurz says with a laugh. “We keep those friendly reminders of what used to be.”

Life As Rx itself continues to grow—even graduating to have its very own area for photo shoots.

“We iron our shirts now. We make sure there’s no fuzzies,” Kurz says, holding back laughter. “We do all the good stuff and we take all the time to do it. This is kind of the growing up of Life As Prescribed.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 13 by Neil Anderson, published Dec. 14, 2008.

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10 Comments on “Life As Rx Box Tour”


wrote …

Great video!
(You have GOT to fix that wire hanging down in your bedroom!!!!! You guys are doing too much cool stuff in there to put it ALL at risk for an easy fix.....)


wrote …

Great story guys. Share the same roots of starting from scratch and growing with the CrossFit community. Love the behind the scenes stuff and the fact you are creating a truly authentic and unique brand. Keep up the good hard! Steve


wrote …

Oops mistype…*Keep up the hard work! (wish the Journal had auto spell check) ha!


wrote …

Thanks for the laugh. Reminds me of working in the snowboard industry back in the early days. Keep it up.


wrote …

"So is it a requirement to be a hot chick to work here?" Haha. Was thinking the same thing!

Great video on some young entrepreneurs putting it all into developing a business, creating real jobs for CFers. Definitely going to buy some stuff right now to support you all. Good luck.


wrote …

I agree great video, but get that wire fixed! Thats where you sleep. Make it safe!


wrote …

these guys are awesome. right down the street form me. always been super open. shout out to the OC ThrownDown going down this weekend in Irvine! good luck to all the super crossfitters doing it big Saturday and Sunday!!!!


wrote …

Great video and history of the Life As Rx'd. Looking forward to seeing the crew at the Oregon Winter Games on Saturday, Jan 14. Thanks for your sponsorship with this event.


wrote …

You are living in a fire trap. Once code enforcement sees this video Im sure they will be paying a visit.


wrote …

Awesome! Living the life. I'm looking for the perfect building to do the same thing in (live and work) although I'm picturing more of an upscale loft instead of a college dorm lol. Where can I buy one of the "We are the Underground" posters?

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