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January 23, 2012

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In this new series, get an inside peak into Tony Blauer’s Be Your Own Bodyguard seminar hosted by San Francisco CrossFit. Tony Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, has been providing these seminars to CrossFitters to teach the basics of self-defense and how you can implement them through CrossFit.

In Part 4, Blauer talks about the Trojan Horse Concept.

The drill involves two people simulating hand-to-hand combat postures and develops “non-telegraphic explosiveness,” he says.

“This is extremely empowering if you connect to this.”

In the seminar, Blauer instructs one set of participants to grab at balls of blue tape affixed to other participants’ T-shirts. The goal is to try to push away the danger of being hit or punched.

“What do we know about sudden danger and the human survival system? It pushes away danger. Does that work for the bad guy, too?” he asks. “Yeah.”

The hand isn’t quicker than the eye, and the eye isn’t quicker than the hand, Blauer says. Instead, the hand is quicker than the mind.

“You need to process the risk or the threat and neuromuscularly say, ‘Hey, get the fuck outta dodge. Incoming.’”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 191 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 28, 2011.

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3 Comments on “Be Your Own Bodyguard Part 4: Trojan Horse Concept”


wrote …

GREAT ideas, once again. Honestly never thought of the "Trojan Horse" model like this. Thanks so much for sharing with the crossfit community!!!

Tony, I'd love to share these vids with my teen and pre-teen kids. Your (excellent) use of "sentence enhancers" (cussing) is driving my wife nuts and I'd prefer to lead my kids with cleaner language. Any way this could be reduced even just a bit? Sure, I know it is real world - I'm there. Just wonderin'.


wrote …

Thanks for the feedback, as far as the 'cussing' I have a few philosophical POVs on it.

1. You dont see it in the clips but I discuss 'why' I swear at the beginning of every seminar, it is explained to the group.

2. The tactical value is 'stress inoculation': bad-guys swear, if the words illicit fear and mental distraction, then youre already 'potentially' fucked :-)

3. Re these videos, you could film the film and add a 'bleep' track :-)

4. I dont swear when teaching kids.




wrote …

interesting response to why you swear so much. I thought you just like using the F-word to sound cute and act tough.

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