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January 15, 2012

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Trail running—it’s more than you think. So says CrossFit Endurance founder Brian MacKenzie.

“Time and intensity is how you want to look at things,” he says. “First, we look at how long you can literally last.”

A common problem, he says, is an insufficient warm-up.

“Trail running is a very athletic thing. It’s not just running.”

For those who want to compete, his advice is to look at the length of the race and where you can handle running a specific time “at a really good clip.”

“There’s progressing into these things that allows you to have more success in it versus going out and just slogging something out, blowing up in the first 20 minutes and then having to walk the rest of the time,” he explains.

MacKenzie adds: “It’s not the aerobic base that’s going to get you to the finish line. It’s that ability to go hard and be able to do it repeatedly, which is stamina.”

Video by Again Faster.

5min 7sec

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8 Comments on “Trail Running With Brian MacKenzie”


wrote …

Ya, B Mac.

I'm lucky I have the Back Bay as my back yard. I'm sure you know those trails. Over the last year I've been doing trail runs to increase my over all endurance strength. Is that a good use of trail running?
Also, I find that when I approach a hill (of any size) that I want to run faster going up it and then kind of recover going down. Should I maintain a more steady pace or should I just go balls to the wall?
I love trails, it makes running more athletic. Do you agree?


wrote …

Sorry just saw the video on "Hills"


wrote …

The only thing I love more than Crossfit is trail running. Thanks for helping me do both!


wrote …

I'm sitting here watching this video with sore calves after a trail run yesterday! This video may have shown me the reason for this.


wrote …

Here is a little known fact, I love trail running. This video hit the nail on the head with something I've known I'm guilty of for a long time and needed to be reminded of.......warming up for runs.

I always try to warm-up properly for non-running CF workouts and track days, but for some reason when all I'm going to do is a longer run I tend to significantly shortchange the warm-up.

I plan on hitting a trail today, I will be sure to warm-up properly so that I don't experience feeling better about 10 minutes into the run, as usual.

Thanks to Brian and the CF Endurance crew.


Luke Davis wrote …

One of the hardest things to coach in Crossfit - RUNNING! Everyone thinks they know how to do it. Every time I watch one of Brian's videos and make myself apply the knowledge, I get faster and my recovery times go down as well. Adding a few running tips and warmups before a WOD will make everyone better! Thanks Brian.


wrote …

Some good tips on improved toe-off, even prepping for short ultras with long hill repeats!

But Brian: if you are gonna demo trail techniques, how about doing it, you know, on a real trail? ;-) That background was a smooth, dirt road. No rocks, roots, stumps, tree, dead animals, creeks, mudspots, nada. The only thing you could trip on there was your own two feet! Come on down to North Alabama or TN and join us for some rocks one of these days.


wrote …

Great video for sure. The trails in the UK are muddy most of the year.

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