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January 05, 2012

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Get a peak inside a CrossFit Kids Trainer Course with John Brown of CrossFit Kids. In this segment, Brown explains how to teach the squat to preschoolers, kids and teens.

“These kids cues work great across all spectrums of client, whether it be the 3-year-old or the 73-year-old who’s never exercised before,” Brown says. “It’s really easy to get somebody even if they’re brand new off the street to squat moderately well if not really well following these cues.”

Brown walks his demonstrator through the squat using simple cues. For kids, he first defines the anatomy: shoulders, which help position the feet, and hips, which initiate the squat movement.

Next, he adds speed and intensity with an explosive hip movement. Then, he addresses common faults and their fixes.

For kids, front squats add a cue to keep the elbows elevated: “Use your elbows and shoot the wall like laser beams,” Brown says. He uses verbal and tactile cues to fix elbow faults.

The overhead squat is reserved for advanced kids and teens. Brown goes through his cues for the movement. According to him, the goal for kids coaching is to reward good movement and mechanics.

Video by Again Faster.

15min 29sec

Additional reading: Will CrossFit Make American Kids Smarter? by Lisa Bakshi, published Jan. 26, 2009.



3 Comments on “The CrossFit Kids Trainer Course: The Squat Series”


wrote …

That wasn't completely disastrous.

Nicely done John.


wrote …

Crazy idea:

Watch this video with the audio tuned down.

You can tell John is a great coach just by the way he moves.


Bob Guere wrote …

Daniel, you just said volumes.

Nice job John.

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