All in the Family

By Brenda Glidden

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January 24, 2012

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First, it was her two sisters. Then it was her parents. Then her husband. Her kids. Some in-laws.

All told, there are roughly a dozen members of Brenda Glidden’s extended family who work out at CrossFit Relentless in West Hartford, Conn.

“I knew that they would like this,” she says of her two sisters.

Others took longer to convince.

“My parents said, ‘Absolutely not. There’s no way on Earth we’re going to do this.’”

“At first I thought she was crazy,” her dad blurts out between breaths while doing a WOD.

“We were like, ‘I don’t know if that’s for us. We’re too old,’” says Glidden’s mom.

But Glidden’s dad came in and was hooked. And when his wife saw how happy he was, she decided to give it a try. For Glidden’s husband, CrossFit has been like returning to childhood, he says.

“I feel like we’ve turned the clock back about 15 years,” he says. “It’s awesome.”

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7 Comments on “All in the Family”


wrote …

She's turning 40 and has kids?!
She looks 25 at the oldest... Holy crap!


wrote …

That is just a great story, I am gonna make my wife catch the bug if it kills me!!!


wrote …

Is there anyone at CF Relentless who isn't related to her? :-)


wrote …

Everyday I do Crossfit from my home and I anxiously wait to see whats next on the Journal and I have to say this is just a great story! Theres nothing better than a story about family, but its even better when the entire family does Crossfit! Watching this really made my day! Great job!


Luke Davis wrote …

Great job Coach! Looks like an amazing box and obviously it's a great place for people of all levels to strive to greatness. Kudos to Crossfit Relentless! Probably the highest honor of any Affiliate is to have an entire family and extended family want to make you a part of their everyday routine. Amazing!


wrote …

What a great story. We all know this, but it's great to see how INFECTIOUS Crossfit is!

My two oldest kids got us into Crossfit. They did performance training with their swim team at Crossfit Talon PTR in Franklin, TN. My wife and her best friend saw the WODs and decided to try it themselves. About 2 months later, I joined them, and then 2 months after that, our younger kids where doing Crossfit Kids. We now have all 6 of us and we talk Crossfit at the dinner table too! Crossfitting as a family is the BEST!


wrote …

Wow, that is just awesome :))

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