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Franks Strength: Part 1 by Ben and Owen Franks - CrossFit Journal

Franks Strength: Part 1

By Ben and Owen Franks

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January 01, 2012

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Ben and Owen Franks are professional rugby players for the New Zealand All Blacks, winners of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Take a peek into their lives and see how they balance training, family and nutrition.

In addition to their sports-specific training, both brothers are dedicated CrossFitters and run their own affiliate: Reebok CrossFit Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. For them, both rugby and CrossFitting are a family affair; their father Ken is the director of coaching for Reebok CrossFit Canterbury.

In this Part 1, the family and their coaches share how the brothers became professional rugby players.

“From a young age, we were always training down at the park and going for runs, and Dad had us throwing all sorts of stuff,” Owen says. Once they reached their teens, the boys decided they wanted to be professional rugby players.

“For me, there was no other option in life but to become an All Black, and it was always in my head, you know, growing up and playing rugby,” Owen says.

The brothers show how hard they train and how training together has helped them both succeed.

“Pretty much we’ve always trained together,” Ben says. “It’s pretty special … having two All Blacks in one family. It’s pretty unique.”

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Part 2 will be published Sunday, Jan. 8, at 4 p.m. PST. It covers the Franks brothers throughout the 2011 rugby season and includes events such as the devastating earthquake in their hometown and their victory at the Rugby World Cup.

Additional video: All Black in Bonsall by Mike Burgener, published March 16, 2010.

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10 Comments on “Franks Strength: Part 1”


wrote …

Great video! Looking forward to the rest of the series.


wrote …

loved watching this, can't wait for the next installment in this series.


wrote …

Really cool video! Can't wait to see the next parts of the series


wrote …

I enjoyed that.
I'm not a rugby follower, almost heresy material down here, but as a New Zealander seeing the history Christchurch Boys has of producing international level players it's emotional stuff.
The game is such a part of our culture that even if you're not up on who is in the current teams, you're always at least peripherally aware of how they're going.

The Franks boys do a great job on those mobility drills. They make them look easy and they're not. Very smooth and polished, speaking of a lot of hard work to gain the skill they demonstrated.


wrote …

Awesome video. My favorite aspect of the Franks is their work ethic. It is a great lesson for kids. You don't have to be naturally gifted to be a pro, you can do it with hard work and dedication. Too hyped up, now I have to go run around the block.


wrote …

Inspirational and intriguing at the same time. It's great to see professional athletes incorporating Crossfit into their training and also, running a Crossfit facility. What the Frank's brother do is more amazing when you consider the workload of a pro Rugby Player. they play for their province, Canterbury in Super Rugby which involves a sixteen game season travelling between New zealand, Australia and South Africa, and this year the UK, then for the national team in New Zealand and worlwide every year. Their longevity, durability and work ethic is staggering.


wrote …

I'm a big rugby fan (ex prop) and loved that vid ! two very humble gentlemen.


wrote …

Great to see a couple of nice pieces on CrossFit meets Rugby of late. As a high school coach (and ref and ex-player) it's such an obvious fit.


wrote …

Big (England) rugby fan. This video shows why the All Blacks are currently the best team in the world. I will share this video with my Box in Hood River OR. Can't wait for part 2


Phillip Sarris wrote …

Love it! It's great to see the acceptance of the CrossFit method of training in the professional ranks of sport.

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