Franks Strength: Part 2

By Ben and Owen Franks

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January 08, 2012

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Ben and Owen Franks are professional rugby players for the New Zealand All Blacks, winners of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

In Part 2, the brothers are training on the beach, and it looks a little like the harsh tests of SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp. With two competitive, powerful beasts going head-to-head at the highest level of their nation’s sport, you can expect the occasional punch-up, but father Ken Franks says his sons are always friends after the whistle.

After shaking the beach with vicious tackles, the brothers talk about the earthquake that hit their hometown in February 2011 and damaged or destroyed much of the city, including the rugby stadium. Despite never having a home game, the Christchurch Crusaders finished near the top of their league.

If the early part of 2011 was hard, the Franks brothers were rewarded for their perseverance at the Rugby World Cup, where the New Zealand All Blacks had the once-in-a-liftetime chance to claim gold on home soil. They did so on Oct. 23, 2011, in Auckland, beating France by a single point. It was the nation’s first championship in 24 years.

In addition to their sports-specific training, both brothers are dedicated CrossFitters and run their own affiliate: Reebok CrossFit Canterbury. They believe CrossFit helps them on the pitch.

“I use CrossFit as the icing on my cake,” Ben says. “It’s the thing I use to give me that edge. ... We use CrossFit as our edge.”

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Additional video: All Black in Bonsall by Mike Burgener, published March 16, 2010.

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wrote …

Bloody good job.


wrote …

So far this series of videos has nothing but fire me up for the next of training! Thank you CrossFit, athletes, coaches, and community


wrote …

These videos keep getting better and better! Very inspiring! Thank you.


wrote …

These 2 doc. are marvellous - thank you to all!!!


wrote …

I agree, these videos get better and better.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Excellent series, i'd like to see more of their training sessions if possible.


wrote …

Rugby League Rules


wrote …

Inspiring...Go the AB's!!!


wrote …

I loved the part where one of the brothers says something like: "you're given a jersey... well, you earn a jersey. So true. First you earn the jersey.. and he knows this... that's how engrained the work ethic and humbleness of these guys is. They know their success is not dumb luck, but the result of lots and lots of hard work, in the right direction. Great stuff.


wrote …

Yup Rugby is a great game but what crew in America don't know is that Rugby LEAGUE is hands down a much better game .
American's will love it when they see it. Hoping to get on TV soon in States. Go to to find teams here in US

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