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Starting CrossFit at 63 by Jim Menjou - CrossFit Journal

Starting CrossFit at 63

By Jim Menjou

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January 28, 2012

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In his younger days, Jim Menjou used to run—a lot.

“Marathons and all that,” he says. “When I got past 40, I stopped. I’m 63 now. I stopped doing all that and started running to the refrigerator—and it started to show.”

Menjou began working out at CrossFit Ero in Torrance, Calif., on a recommendation from a friend who had made major life changes.

“The last time I saw him he could barely get through the … doorway without turning sideways, so I said, ‘What the heck have you been doing?’ and he said, ‘CrossFit.’”

“It’s been great,” he adds.

Because Menjou has had cartilage removed from his knees, running and the prowler aren’t his favorite movements.

And despite his wife’s initial aversion to sweating, she now accompanies him to CrossFit.

“It’s something we can do together. Isn’t there a saying that the family that sweats together stays together?” he says with a laugh.

Together, the couple lost 20 lb. in three months and was able to cut cholesterol medication in half “just by exercising. We’re doing the Paleo Diet also,” Menjou says.

“We’re converted. We’re going to do this as long as we can keep moving.”

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15 Comments on “Starting CrossFit at 63”


wrote …

Jim, I remember you from the Level 1 Seminar. I'm happy to see you doing so well! Stick with it and you will be completely off your medication in no time.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Thanks Pat,
I remember the nice chat you and I had at lunch break during the Level 1 cert in Vegas. You and the other coaches I met there were fantastic and I learned a lot. I never got to thank you for your service as a Navy Seal so "Thank You"

I volunteered at the Crossfit Games this year at the Home Depot Center and was really inspired by all the great Cross Fitters I saw compete there, especially the Masters. My wife and I have set up our own Crossfit box at home but still go to Crossfit Ero in Torrance where The coaches Doug, Andrea, Sarah and Isaias are all great. Keep up the good work at Crossfit Corporate and we hope to see you competing in next years games.


wrote …

I will soon be 64 and have been CrossFitting for 3 1/2 yrs. Welcome and keep it up. Hope to see you around. Don't quit and keep ot up.


wrote …

I will soon be 64 and have been CrossFitting for 3 1/2 yrs. Welcome and keep it up. Hope to see you around. Don't quit and keep it up.


wrote …

Jim, It's very inspiring to see you, I'm 24 and I hope I'll be 63 or more some day. I'll show your video to my parents (my dad is 60 and mom is 59) Keep going on and thanks for your story.

Greetings from Chile, South America.


wrote …

I started CrossFitting six months ago at age 67 and have had great results from doing so. At our age recovery matters, you might want to look up Jim Baker articles on the CrossFit site and web, they provide significant insight which might help you avoid injury.
You article was great, it's good to know that there are others with similar backgrounds who are willing to get off of it and get on with it.
Thank for the article


replied to comment from ron gellis

Thanks Ron,
My wife and I are glad to hear that there are other baby boomers out there enjoying the positive difference Crossfit can make in their lives. Among other things I've noticed that I can do full squats now which is something I avoided for years because of old knee injuries. What has doing Crossfit done for you?


replied to comment from Paulina Varas

Hi Paulina,
Thank you for the kind comment. Feel free to have your parents contact us if they need verification on how doing Crossfit has helped us both. My wife Diana never lifted weights before Crossfit and now she is doing quite well. She was concerned that weightlifting would make her muscle bound but that is not true in her case. Weight lifting has only helped her shape her body and get her lovely curves back. Is Crossfit popular in Chile?


replied to comment from Dan Shaw

Thanks Dan for the kind words and the tips on faster recovery. Right now I'm nursing an elbow that I keep hyper extending. I remember getting banged up pretty good playing sports in school and then racing motorcycles well into my thirties and still being able to shake off semi serious injuries in a couple of days to keep competing. Now it seems to take me forever to heal from a ankle or shoulder sprain. Our Crossfit coach Doug suggested fish oil capsules and they seem to have helped a bit. It is a bit discouraging to see tangible results in our Wod's only to have to have to stop working the broken parts while they take their time to heal. What do you like best about Crossfit?


replied to comment from James Menjou

For me the best part of CrossFit is that it hits and improves all body systems thereby providing better functional fitness and does so in a variety of ways so that the process is not boring. What I find most interesting is that working with the whole body system improves each part or exercise. For example I might fail prematurly at deadlifting because of form and then come back two months later and have a great lift resulting from improved form. The point being that I don't recall working on that particular movement, go figure. I don't like having to work around injuries either but that has been the case with previous persuits so what's new. I've found the combination of fish oil, cold packs to inflamed tissue several times per day and recovery time are a system that keeps me in the gym or on the track while the injured parts rehab.
How about you, what part of CrossFit do you like best?


wrote …

My name is Mark Clark and I am the owner of Crossfit Barnstormers in Castle Rock, Colorado. I am 62 and have been doing CrossFit since 2008. Last year I was fortunate enought to make it to the World Games in the 60 and over Masters. Hopefully I will be as fortunate to make it back...there is nothing like it!!

I want to wish you and your wife all the best in pursuing your new life of fitness and to keep up the hard work. It sounds, from your interview that you may have some connections in Colorado, so if you are ever around the Castle Rock area give me a call and come on by for a WOD.


replied to comment from Dan Shaw

Hi Dan,

It probably sounds corny but I really enjoy about Crossfit is the fact that my wife and I like doing this together. Some of our past exercise routines did not work for both of us. Diana used to do a lot of Jazzercise type of routines which I did not care for and I used to do a lot of biking which she did not like to do. We both love Crossfit and look forward to most all the Wod's. She still hates Burpees and I still am trying to master a double under but bascially we try and do whatever is thrown at us.


replied to comment from Mark Clark

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your support. I visited your web site and I remember you from the Games where I volunteered in the Masters competition area. You guys and gals are all studs & studettes? Is that a word?

Also thanks for the invite to visit your box. My wife's sister used to live in Larkspur right down the road from you so we know about the beautiful country where your gym is located. My wife and I are really glad we started Crossfit. We both feel so much better now and have Crossfit to thank for it.

Good luck in next years games


wrote …

I'm so proud of you and Diana, Jim! You both are so inspiring to everyone at CF Ero and in the CF Community. Keep it up!


replied to comment from Andrea Nunag

Thanks Andrea,
Diana and I both appreciate the help and encouragement we get from you and the other coaches at Ero.

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