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January 20, 2012

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The stage is not much different than a WOD. So says Kate Moran, lead singer of the Kate Moran Band and a CrossFitter at CrossFit Oldtown in Alexandria, Va.

“You just have to let go,” she explains. “You have to just take a big breath and … hope for the best.”

But it wasn’t always like that for Moran. Her first two months at the box were marked by anxiety.

“For the first two months, I was terrified of everything,” Moran says. “I was really scared of the weights and when they would slam down.”

These days, her deadlift is about 260 lb. Not only does she feel better physically, she says, but CrossFit has made her a better musician.

“The way that I sing after doing CrossFit is totally different than I used to sing. I wasn’t physical on stage. I didn’t use my body. It just didn’t move through me the way it does today.”

The training methodology also inspired Moran to write the song Fight.

“I wasn’t in a great place before I came here,” she says, holding back tears. “I just kept fighting through it in that first year. You just fight every time you come in here.”

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Additional reading: Staying in the Fight by Mark Divine, published Sept. 12, 2011.



6 Comments on “CrossFit Inspires Singer’s “Fight””


wrote …

Great stuff Kate. Your words are now part of my inspirational collection. You are awesome.


wrote …

Well done Kate!


replied to comment from William Houghton

Thanks! I am inspired daily at CrossFit, so glad I could pass on a lil piece of that!


wrote …

Kate,(Mike) Great piece. Thanks for keeping us inspired at CF Oldtown! Proud of you Girl!!!!!!!

For those interested, checkout "". Hear the song, buy it if you want and proceeds go to WWP and Livestrong.



wrote …

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

We could all do well to take a leaf from your book, get on with our short lives and keep fighting for who and what we believe in!

Can you imaging your song blasting through the speakers during a Wod at the Games? Awesome!


wrote …

Great job Kate. Keep it up

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