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An Interview With Michael Latch by Michael Latch - CrossFit Journal

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January 14, 2012

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A balance beam, juggling balls and a full-size gymnastics floor—that’s Valley CrossFit.

The focus is on fun at the 10,000-square-foot facility that’s home to four female CrossFit Games competitors, says affiliate owner Michael Latch. The box was the 27th affiliate to open.

“I always operate with the saying, ‘People will pay more to be entertained than they will to be taught,’” he says. “We’re trying to educate people and get ’em fit, but we have fun while we’re doing it.”

Even when Valley CrossFit athletes are training for the Games, the mood isn’t serious, he says.

“Everybody’s laughing and having fun, and they go out and they do well in the Games. I kind of think the proof is in the pudding.”

Latch started training people in a park, then moved his business into a 2,300-square-foot space before finding the current one. Without a loan or investors to help him start up, he acquired a piece of equipment whenever he got paid, becoming known as a “craigslist junkie.” It’s there he finds things like balance beams.

“I want them to be exposed to a lot of different things. ... It’s the definition of CrossFit,” he says.

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11 Comments on “An Interview With Michael Latch”


wrote …

My kinda dude. Great interview. Once in a while I see an owner who truly understands what made Coach's CrossFit so special. This guy just transported me back to '05, checking out mainsite to see the creative new challenges Coach had up.

Thanks, Michael. Great stuff.


wrote …

wow what a great coach! awesome attitude! talk about getting what crossfit is all about!


wrote …

Great interview. Can't say enough good things about the tough and competitive environment of Valley CrossFit. Complete with a full gymnastics floor and now a set of Monkey Bars. I try and visit on Sundays when I can get away!



wrote …

Love the attitude. I'm not trying to knock all the "our warm-up is your workout" personalities out there, but I know a lot of people are turned off by CrossFit because they think it's a non-stop d!ck measuring contest against other workout methods. The attitude that Coach Latch has is a win-win for everyone. The results speak for themselves and people see you doing something you love. Keep it up.


wrote …

Best statement in the interview, "unlimited friendship".


wrote …

Great interview and awesome coach. I had an opportunity to visit there while staying with family. Mike and the whole crew welcomed and treated me like family. He taught and let me work on gymnastic skills I never was exposed to. Thanks Mike and I hope to make my way down soon again.


wrote …

If only New Affiliate Owners had to Go Through Mr. Latch Before entering...

Thank You Mr. Latch for Keeping the Roots of CrossFit Alive and Thriving!


wrote …

My kind of gym, coach and vibe.

Thanks for posting that video, I needed that!


wrote …

Great attitude energy. My kind of dude.


wrote …

Never met Mr. Latch but if I had to clone an attitude that would be it!


wrote …

Great attitude and great way to run a box. Especially loved how he emphasized how members are encouraged to stay as long as they like and practice skills or learn new stuff. I once declined to join a CF box for exactly this reason -- their policy was "no open gym;" IOW you were NOT welcome to come in and train or do anything outside of regularly scheduled class times, which I thought was ridiculous.

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