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Training in the Offseason by Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey - CrossFit Journal

Training in the Offseason

By Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey

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January 03, 2012

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Join Sevan Matossian as he finds out how 2009 CrossFit Games champion Mikko Salo and Reebok CrossFit Games Open winner Dan Bailey approach the offseason and stay fresh for upcoming competition.

“I’ve had it ingrained into my head by some coaches in the past that champions are made in the offseason, so I still put in a lot of work,” Bailey says. “It’s definitely dialed back a little bit, just the volume.”

Bailey says he plans the year with strength training early on and then ramps up the intensity and trains more specific to CrossFit as he gets closer to competition.

Salo has a different training plan.

“I don’t think there is an off-season,” Salo says. “For me, like I focused on … my weaknesses, doing a bit different kind of strength training,” he says. “I believe you should be, like, 85-90 percent of your maximum results all the time.”

The two discuss their training and that of Graham Holmberg, who finished fourth in the 2011 Games and first the year before. Bailey says he himself might have pushed too hard and not rested enough before the 2011 Games. He finished in sixth place. Salo says there isn’t a one-size-fits-all scheme to training.

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8 Comments on “Training in the Offseason”


wrote …

I can't help but wonder why Mikko would train deep deads with a rounded back. What are the long term affects of training with less than desirable form? Thoughts?


replied to comment from gregory dean

Exactly my thinking :) I've come back to comment on his back. But he is the champion not me :) I don't know it's just his form and it works for him ?


wrote …

I'm a huge Mikko fan and I really like this series. Like the two previous posts, I would like to hear HQ or maybe Mikko comment on the form issue. We all degrade when giving it everything in a WOD but where is the line? I think Mikko knows his limits and when to pull the plug. Personally I would have stopped even my top tier athletes and fixed it or dropped weight until form improved. Like Petr stated... then again he is the former champ and stud athlete.

Hope this series stays around all the way through the Open and the Games. These two seem to "gel" really well in training and in front of the camera.


wrote …

yes, you guys are right. this video is about deadlift technique.


wrote …

Anders, no I believe it's not. Or is it ?
But DL is just something that one could't miss in this video. Especially Mikko's DL and the way he does it :)


wrote …

Summary of this video:

There is no off-season if you want to be the best.


wrote …

Yes, if you deadlift from a far enough deficit your back will round. There are situations when this will occur, that is one reason you train them from a deficit. You might recall the deadlift at the last games with the small weights, I'm sure they'd have kept their backs perfectly straight if it were possible.


wrote …

mikko probably already has tight hamstrings and deadlifting from a deficit that big definitely would not help with his back being picture perfect, but don't mistake his visible position to be a relaxed one, his erectors are active and protecting his spine and I'm sure he knows what hurts him and what doesn't.

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