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January 04, 2012

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“You were born to do this,” Rob Orlando says. “We have to put you in the right position and it’ll happen naturally.”

Join Orlando, owner of Hybrid Athletics, as he teaches tire-flipping technique to CrossFitters in the U.K.

Orlando asks his assistant, Carey Kepler, to demonstrate proper tire-flipping technique, and she sets up with her chest and shoulders against the tire, gripping underneath.

“We’re not going up and we’re not sliding forward. We’re going somewhere in the middle. We’re looking for 45 degrees,” Orlando says of the drive into the tire.

The first step is extending the hip without changing the arm angle. Next is a stutter step and kick with your dominant leg so the tire never stops moving. Keep your grip underneath the tire.

“If you can get the tire to your thigh, you should be able to get the tire over. You’ve done most of the work. All you have to do is get a little bit lower and keep driving up,” he says. This might take the form of ratcheting the tire up if it is really heavy.

Orlando drills his class through the movement and addresses mechanical issues that arise with different body types and different tires.

12min 15sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 135 by Justin Judkins, originally aired Sept. 1, 2010.

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12 Comments on “Coaching Points for Flipping Tires”


wrote …

Thanks Rob, this was excellent. I'm looking forward to flipping tires tomorrow.


wrote …

Great video, Rob!
George Ryan


wrote …

Wow. I had fun just watching that. As I've said before here, it is a pleasure to watch, listen to, and learn from someone who Knows. Really Knows.
Thank Mr. Rob!


wrote …

Enjoyed the vid but gotta say, maybe it is 'cause I live in the sticks but kinda funny watching people actually having to learn to flip a tire. :-)


wrote …

Damn that looks fun


wrote …

Great video and excellent coaching!


wrote …

CrossFit Strongman Seminars are going worldwide. Europe at the end of March and Australia in May. Come spend the day with us playing with loads of new gear.


wrote …

Great video and teaching points! Rob- any advise for the set up (chest to tire) with the smaller/shorter tires? Ours are probably 18 inches high and 150 pounds.


wrote …

Of all the instructors I've watched so far, Rob you are by far the coolest. I like how honest you are about your instruction. When you said "should the load be placed on the heals?....I don't know!" I like when an instructor can admit when they don't know something. But you regained my interest when you mentioned how an offensive lineman positions himself during a stance. Conveying an image that a student can understand and relate to is very unique.
I am still slightly confused as to why you postion yourself a foot or more away from the tire. Is it becasue the lift is not linear, but rotates on a pendulum? Please let me know because I have always lifted a tire being directly under it.


wrote …

Great video. I've got two questions I hope someone can answer.

The first one is for tyres that are much narrower. When on the ground, if they're slow low you can't brace your body against them, does it transition into more of a deadlift?

The second one is about midline stability. I noticed a few people, especially the one that Rob says, "good job" too, had a fairly rounded spine, from lumbar through thoracic. Is a neutral midline relevant to this movement and if it is, is losing it just as unsafe as any other lift from the ground?


wrote …

Best video I have seen for flipping tires...Great job putting this together!


wrote …

LOVE learning this stuff online!
Just picked up a 220 pound tire (my starter!) yesterday at the local consumer/business tire business. They were more than happy to have me take it off their hands for FREE because they have to pay a disposal fee otherwise.
Buddy has a truck and the tire guy actually helped load to the truck.
Pressure washed it at home. Sitting in the garage all clean and waiting for me (and my son and the neighbors...)
Drilled a 1.5 inch hole in center of tread to train the water.
Was fun playing with it yesterday.
Hitting the workout tomorrow, can't wait! (Adding sledge hammer workout, too, now that I have something to pound on.)
Thanks Rob and CF! Great job putting this all together.

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