Sweet Cauliflower Mash

By Shirley Brown and Alyssa Dazet

In Kids

January 24, 2012

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Turn kids on to vegetables when they’re younger and they’ll have a lifetime of healthy eating ahead of them. One way of doing this is by dolling those veggies up with all things fun and delicious.

Turn a bland head of cauliflower into a sweet and crunchy mash and soon your kids will ask you to make them vegetables!



5 Comments on “Sweet Cauliflower Mash”


wrote …

Genius. Shirley and Alyssa are my new best friends.


wrote …

what is making it sweet...are you using sweetened coconut milk?

If you are using the regular (unsweetened) coconut milk does it still come out sweet?

(this is the coconut milk I buy...to help understand the question)


link is safe for work/family


wrote …

Absolutely amazing, every since I had switched to Paleo I missed having some morning oatmeal. This kicks oatmeal's ass. Add some blueberries and it's wonderfulness in a bowl Oh Eric I used unsweetened coconut, it still comes out slightly sweet.


wrote …

If you add some fruit to it, that will add sweetness to it.


wrote …

Zowie! This is amazing :) Why is this in the kids section? My kid never got any.....maybe next time

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