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January 12, 2012

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After spending her 30s overweight and unhappy, Lisa Erickson discovers CrossFit and her inner superhero at age 40.

To say that CrossFit changed my life is an understatement. It might even sound a little overdramatic to some people. But for those of us who love CrossFit, it’s completely understandable.

I was a moderately fit and athletic young person, but because of health problems and life in general, I spent the better part of my 30s more than 100 lb. overweight. I was married, had two children and was just getting by on a daily basis. I finally hit rock bottom one hot summer day at SeaWorld. I was so heavy my knees hurt and I was a sweaty mess. I went to the rental counter to rent an electric scooter. All of a sudden, I realized I was so fat and miserable I was actually going to rent a scooter. I was beyond disgusted with myself.

The next day, embarrassed and unsure, I and my friend Jena Pickard (aka G.I. Jena) walked into a Globo Gym and signed up for a membership and personal training.

I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to change.



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What a great story! Congrats on all your success. So awesome!


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For those on the outside, its hard to understand when we say it's changed our life. Very motivational. Exactly what I needed to remember this morning! Thanks for writing this and thank you Lisa for being a great example that we are not limited by our age or size. WAY TO GO GIRL!!


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Lisa, thanks for sharing your story, it is awe-inspiring.


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Such an inspiring story Lisa! I love changing those words of "I Can't" to "I Can!" Keep it up and spread the word.


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"You want me to carry this medicine ball up and down the stairs how many times?"

Haven't we all asked that about something at one point or another... what a wonderful story!!!


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Awesome story Lisa. Wish you much continued success. I know it wasn't THAT long ago, I was going through the beginning of my journey.



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TRULY righteous! Amazon woman in you!


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Keep it up Lisa! I started myself at a Globo gym and ended up with an amazing trainer who does CrossFit herself. CrossFit not only transforms your body fast, but you become stronger and fitter and better conditioned. And your nutrition is ramped up too. CrossFit is a life-changer and anyone who is skeptical about their programming, I challenge to go to a CRossFit gym and try a class.


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Congratulations and I hope that this newfound love of life and exercise and fitness continues... I'm sure that your family not only you will all be healthier as a result... our role modeling is constant as parents.. EVERYTHING we do is watched and it taken in... I'm sure that your children will see your struggle and success at many levels and that will impact them for the rest of their lives.


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A wonderful, inspiring success story.

Lisa, your own journey makes it plain that other currently desperate and demoralized men and women can achieve equal success -- that the direction from "rock bottom" is up in a spiral formerly-demoralized, pullups, half-marathons and beyond.

In fact, the goodness of your story, its essential "rightness" and truth, makes me hope that CrossFit sees "fit" to bring it out from behind the pay-wall so it can inspire thousands.

You're my superhero of the day, the week, the month...


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Thanks Everyone! I love reading all the comments and it motivates me even more. After a weekend of watching my friends compete in the OC Throwdown and all these amazing remarks I am inspried to kick butt!!!


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Thanks for sharing Lisa. I too like you started my journey at the age of 48 loosing almost 100Ibs and overcoming alot of health issues, and was able to get my pullup about 2 weeks before my 50th birthday! I love reading stories like yours, warms my heart. I want everyone to experience the samething we have found! I love crossfit! Keep it up and stay crossfit strong!!


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So proud of you! You inspire me daily. Thanks for pushing me even when I don't want to be pushed. ; )


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Thank you Lisa for sharing your great story. I am an affiliate owner in Largo, Fl. and I have your inspiring story printed out and available to read in three different locations of the box. One of our favorite mottoes here at CrossFit Pinellas is: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't. You are right. Henry Ford. I am looking forward to seeing you in the games!!! So never give up the goals.


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I'm so happy you're sharing it. I hope it can help/motivate at least one woman to feel like they can walk through the door of a CF box! If I'm ever in FL I'll visit! Thanks, Lisa


replied to comment from Kerry Smith

I try to explain that to all the "older" people who think they can't do it because of their age or physical limitation. They might watch a CF video online and think it's only for young and uber fit people. We need to make a video of "regular" people doing amazing things.


replied to comment from Kerry Smith

I'm so happy you're sharing it. I hope it can help/motivate at least one woman to feel like they can walk through the door of a CF box! If I'm ever in FL I'll visit! Thanks, Lisa


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Lisa, thank you for sharing your awesome, inspiring story! Keep up the great work!!!


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I need to write part 2 of my much has happened!!!!

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