Training With Champions: Part 6

By Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey

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January 07, 2012

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Find out what it’s like to train with 2009 CrossFit Games champion Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey, first-place finisher in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, as filmmaker Sevan Matossian captures their training in preparation for the 2012 Games season.

In Part 6, Salo and Bailey hit ring dips ... with a weighted vest, of course. Interestingly, Salo feels the effects of the dips more in his triceps, while Bailey says it’s his chest that gets worked harder.

Working out at the Rogue facility has a few perks, so the champs pull out a prototype “football bar” based on one of Louie Simmons’ inventions. According to the Westside Barbell website, the bar will reduce stress on the rotator cuff and work all stabilizing muscles hard.

Perhaps most critical of all, Salo and Bailey answer the all-important question: “How often do you bench?”

After that, it’s time to test the football bar in a couplet of presses and pull-ups before discussing training intensity and skills days.

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Additional reading: Additional reading: Building a Strong Shoulder Girdle by Bill Starr, published Aug. 26, 2011.

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5 Comments on “Training With Champions: Part 6”


wrote …

My love for Crossfit is reinvigorated every time I watch these extraordinary athletes perform. Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey are my heroes. Thanks for the videos guys!


wrote …

Would love to train with these guys sometime...probly wont even come close to the weight they use tho haha but everytime I watch them train I instantly want to hit the gym and train my A** off!! Thanks for the amazing videos!!


wrote …

Love the videos and how CrossFit training also transfers into the Rugby arena. But cringed every time the "tackle dummy" took a hit from one of the Frank brothers. Hope they pay him well!


wrote …

Love these videos. Seems like after Mikko won in 2009 we saw lots of videos of him. Same with Graham in 2010. Why haven't we seem more videos with Rich Fronning Jr.


wrote …

Ha! Love this...

Sevan, "What about Double Unders?"
Mikko, "That's not a problem for me anymore."


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