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Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-2 by James Hobart, Austin Malleolo and Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-2

By James Hobart, Austin Malleolo and Pat Sherwood

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February 27, 2012

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East Coast boys Austin Malleolo and James Hobart are on the road again, this time invading Northern California before embarking on a voyage that will include stops in San Francisco, Sacramento, Salt Lake and Denver.

In Part 1, Hobart and Malleolo are on holy ground, visiting the famous parking lot of the original CrossFit box with Annie Sakamoto. Then it’s time for a beach WOD with Sakamato before hitting the rental lot to find the finest vehicle for the trip (read: something Malleolo isn’t afraid to drive).

In Part 2, the guys enjoy another Santa Cruz tradition: a meal at the Silver Spur with none other than Original Firebreather Greg Amundson. Then it’s off to visit Dave Castro at The Ranch in Aromas, home of the first three editions of the CrossFit Games. Gunfire, of course, is mandatory at this point.

Enticed by the lure of a good old CrossFit road trip, Pat Sherwood loads up his laptop and gets in the van. With the trio complete, it’s time for serious shenanigans involving Jason Khalipa. Finally, rumors of a Supple Leopard sighting send the crew to San Francisco.

Video by Again Faster and Reebok.

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Additional reading: Lessons Learned by Pat Sherwood, published Feb. 6, 2012.

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19 Comments on “Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-2”


wrote …

I love these videos.


wrote …

great videos, got to meet austin this weekend at the level 1 coarse and he just an awesome dude


wrote …

Dropped the Winnie???? Weak! Still great videos.


wrote …

James and Austin are a trip! Great dudes….


wrote …

Please tell me you blokes invited Drummond! It was his idea after all.



Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Good times, homies! LOVE how DC has you guys shooting!

JK put together a nasty WO w/those times and exercises.

Hit the EAST Coast, show some LUV!

Peace, Homies!


wrote …

Can't get enough of all these great videos. So much fun and informative.


Ian Mehr wrote …

You two sound like an old married couple... Which is of course what makes these vids so hilarious


wrote …

What kind of bars is Austin eating? Or what is that food he wants so badly? Haha


wrote …

ARGHHH i need more! lol cant wait for the other videos to come out!


wrote …

Captain Austin Palleolo is eating Perfect Foods Bars, the almond flavor.


wrote …

James and Austin: CrossFit's Harold and Kumar.


wrote …

Hobart's Fran time got 30 secs faster just from eating the Crossfit sandwich. Very cool set of videos. I would have liked to have had a bit more on the WOD they did with Khalipa. What was it specifically? And what Kelly Starrett was teaching Graham as it pertained to his college football playing. Was he trying to get him to unlearn a bad habit?


wrote …

@13, James.

The workout was this long partner 20min AMRAP. Teams of 3, 1 person at each station:

Run (pacer)
155 C&J
Air squat.
Score = total number of squats and C&Js. Jay and his team won (they CRUSHED the C&Js).


replied to comment from James Hobart

Thanks James, appreciate the follow-up!


wrote …

James and Austin,

I love how you guys are all nostalgic about the beginnings and the first games site and the original HQ like you 2 aren't part of it. Austin, when I watched you do King Kong... that made me want to do CrossFit! I watched that video before a WOD like 2 dozen times. I still can't listen to 'No Love" by Eminem and Lil Wayne without thinking of that video. You guys were 2 of the trainers at my level 1 at Rogue last year and James, when I saw you behind the counter handing us our tshirts as we were signing in, I was star struck. I was like, the James f@%# Hobart!!! Then of course Austin was right around the corner... LOL where there's one, the other is always close by. I was a little star struck because I was looking at 2 guys that motivated me to just go for it and shoot for something close to what you guys had already achieved. Thank you guys for everything and I love these videos and I really hope this becomes an annual thing.
Bobby B


wrote …

LOVE the first vids...and if it's not too creepy, I wanna road trip and WOD with Austin and James...


wrote …

Love the Road trips. Second only to the "anywherefit" series. It is awesome you guys are putting those together. The "Crossfit Sandwich" I dont think that would gain too much momentum in today's CrossFit community, but it did look delicious. HOpe you guys had fun. At some point on one of these road trips, someone should stop by a Military affiliate and check out what is going down, you wanna see "garage style," no frills, throw downs, check out a military affiliate.


wrote …

I want that sandwich

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