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February 20, 2012

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Launching a CrossFit Kids program can seem daunting. Luckily, Seminar Staff members John and Kelly Brown, Aimee Lyons, and Todd Widman—as well as CrossFit New England’s Heather Bergeron—have advice.

Start classes with the age group you’re most comfortable with, Widman says. And only begin with three children whose parents are already CrossFitters.

“You don’t have to sell those parents on anything,” he explains. “They’re like, ‘Sweet. CrossFit Kids class? Do it. Can’t wait. How much? I’ll pay whatever you want.’”

For the first month, make it free, Widman says.

As the class grows, be mindful of trainer ratios, Kelly Brown says. For preschoolers, one trainer ideally coaches six; for older children and teen groups, one trainer ideally coaches 15, she says. Bergeron advises combining kids and teens so the two groups begin and end playing a game together but are separate in the middle with a coach dedicated to each group.

“For parents, it’s awesome because they can drop both kids off at one time and know they’re both getting the appropriate coaching and training,” she says.

The Browns found that offering a family rate got not only kids but also more adults in their box.

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1 Comment on “CrossFit Kids Trainer Course: Best Practices”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

WHAT!!?? No comments!!!???

I like what Todd said about spreading the word.

We do LOTS of things to spread the word.

Small competitions where they can bring their friends, free seminars for athletic coaches where we have kids who go to school, referral contests, free trials, etc.

It's a constant push to keep giving our athletes and their parents the best freaking experience and value they never imagined could ever happen

RESULTS are key if you are training competitive athletes.

In addition, blogging and engaging with our athletes via FB & Twitter as they are hyper active on these fronts!

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