Box Tour: CrossFit New Haven

By Eric and Carla O’Brien

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February 11, 2012

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After a few months of working out in a garage gym without heat, Eric O’Brien had enough. So for a year and a half he and his wife, Carla, worked out at CrossFit Milford. But the commute—about 35 minutes each way—wore on them. That’s what led them to the conclusion that their community of New Haven needed its own CrossFit affiliate.

“We decided we were going to do this once,” Eric says. “We were going to open one gym—one big gym—under the theory that ‘if we build it, they will come.’”

The theory was proven as people started pouring into CrossFit New Haven from Day 1, the couple says. Today, the affiliate has 175 members and seven classes each day.

And don’t let their “honey badgers” nickname fool you, Carla says.

“It’s the joke: ‘We don’t give a shit,’” she explains. “But it really is that we all support each other and prop each other up in our high times and our low times.”

It’s one big family, the couple says.

“We’re not a gym of firebreathers and super athletes,” Eric says. “We’re a gym of a lot of regular people who … work their asses off just to be better.”

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Additional reading: One-Year Reflection by Leon Chang and Paul Estrada, published May 30, 2011.

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9 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit New Haven”


wrote …

I want a gym like that!


wrote …

me too!!


wrote …

That gym looks like my kind of place. The building is gorgeous! Shiny new buildings are nice, but that place has character you just don't find every day. I love the disco ball, the classic CF WOD on the weekends, the gym happy hour, and how the owners said their community is comprised of regular folks that come in every day and work hard. Keep up the good work. I hope to stop in for a WOD one day.


wrote …

Conrats Eric! Awesome gym.


wrote …

Awesome gym, I have driven by it a few times and always wondered what it looked like inside. I hope that people really don't run on that tile though, seems like a great way to welcome shin splints, haha...


wrote …

The better your POSE, the less of an issue the tiles are. Only hurts really hurts when you run lazy!


wrote …

Great job. Your Rhody friends at CrossFit 401.


Eric Obrien wrote …

Thanks for all the love. The box is always open for anyone to stop by. We love and welcome visitors. Pat, I'd love to have my Level I trainer stop by and WOD. Dockray, glad to see my fellow Rhody teammate drinking the KoolAide.


wrote …

Gorgeous gym you guys, if I am ever in CT I will be certain to make visiting a priority!

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