Box Tour: CrossFit Vitality

By Steve Pinkerton

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February 23, 2012

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Inside a North Carolina corporate office building with mirrors on the walls, you will find an unlikely thing: a CrossFit box.

“We drove past this probably 40 times ... when we were looking for a space because we thought it was just an office space,” says CrossFit Vitality co-owner Steve Pinkerton.

Although the space—at more than 4,500 square feet—was larger than what they initially wanted, the wide-open warehouse-like space was perfectly suited for an affiliate. With mirrors on the wall and turf covering the floors, Pinkerton said he got some jeering from other boxes, who jokingly accused him of opening a “Globo CrossFit.”

Pinkerton says the mirrors have helped members better execute movements, and the turf is easier on people’s backs and knees. It’s also a good surface on which to push sleds.

“We tried to appeal to as many people as we could just to get them exposed to CrossFit,” Pinkerton explains. “I knew if we could get them in the door that CrossFit was going to be something they could really embrace.”

Vitality also has a supervised daycare center called Kids Club.

“It really has worked out to be one of the best decisions we made,” he says, “because now we give moms no excuse not to come and do CrossFit.”

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wrote …

Mirrors provide feedback just like the kinestetic learner who needs to feel the movement not just by lecture/demonstration. Congrats on finding the needle in the hay stack.
Semper Fi.


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wrote …

Rah, Capt.!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Awesome place! Congrats

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