CrossFit Radio Episode 210

By Justin Judkins

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February 08, 2012

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On Episode 210 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit HQ’s Justin Bergh, as well as Chip Pugh, who is Tennessee Tech’s strength-and-conditioning coach. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012.

The WOW (Workout of the Week) is from Brickhouse CrossFit in Roanoke, Va.

5 rounds for time of:
135-lb. jerk, 8 reps
8 burpees with lateral jump over barbell
1.5-pood kettlebell snatch, 16 reps (8 each arm)

2:25 Justin Bergh is the Co-Director of the CrossFit Games. He came on the show to talk about the Reebok CrossFit Games Open registration and the upcoming competition season. Bergh explained how CrossFit HQ brought the Games website development in-house and how it helps to have programmers who are CrossFitters. It already looks like the number of entrants will exceed last year’s numbers, and Bergh explained why each one should read the CrossFit Games Competition Rulebook. He also described some of the prizes that will be given out during the Open. Finally, Justin talked about the behind-the-scenes details that ensure the Open, the Regionals and the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games come off without a hitch. One of the most important aspects is volunteers.

26:10 Chip Pugh is the head strength-and-conditioning coach at Tennessee Tech. He came on the show to talk about how he uses CrossFit to train all his athletes from various sports. He spoke about helping Rich Froning Jr. win the CrossFit Games last summer, and Pugh also gets to work with another top Games athlete now that Dan Bailey is on staff at Tennessee Tech. Pugh explained how his job at the university is different than his job as an affiliate coach and gave advice for CrossFitters on how to approach the upcoming competition season. He also described how things are going with his affiliate, CrossFit Faith.

55min 31sec

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wrote …

still not working in iTunes for 3rd straight week....


wrote …

I haven't been able to download the past four episodes on itunes, are you putting them in a new format or something?


wrote …

Same here. Four episodes that won't download. Has anyone at HQ responded to this issue yet?


wrote …

Last four episodes won't download to my iTunes. I get a message that it could not be found on the server.


wrote …

I got an e-mail back last week from HQ saying that IT is working on it. I just wish someone would post an update somewhere.


wrote …

I also received an email response from HQ several days ago saying that IT was looking into it. This has been going on for several weeks now; I wish they would at least give us an update. JJ -- help us out here, brother!


replied to comment from Bill Maynard

Hi, all.

We're aware of the problem, and we're working to fix it ASAP. We apologize for the delay.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and for listening to CrossFit Radio!

Mike Warkentin
Managing Editor


wrote …

Is anyone aware of any other colleges or universities using CrossFit methodologies for training student athletes?

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