Fashion to Fitness

By Laura Dziak

In CrossFit, HD Videos

February 01, 2012

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When Laura Dziak first started CrossFit, she was mildly concerned about bulking up. What preoccupied her more, however, was doing a workout as RX’d. Today, she’s gained a total of 15 lb. of muscle but is still a Size 0.

As a member of CrossFit Reston in Virginia, the former model ditched her old image for a new one.

“I would not say that being muscular or being fit was encouraged as a model,” Dziak says. “It was all about being skinny, being a Size 0, double 0. That whole skinny-fat thing that exists where a girl is a Size 0 but she’s got no tone on her was completely acceptable.”

Not only has her body changed “for the better” since starting CrossFit, but Dziak also competed for the first time last year. In the end, she didn’t make the box’s team, which finished 23rd at last year’s Games, but she was an alternate.

“Just daily activities, I feel so much more confident doing things, lifting things that I think the average girl would shy away from,” she says.

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18 Comments on “Fashion to Fitness”


wrote …

What a fantastic video!


wrote …

Nice job, but make sure you are getting full hip-extension on those squat cleans! :P


wrote …

CrossFit... I wish you guys would consider making this video free for others!

There are several people I would love to be able to send this link to.

Keep it up Laura.


wrote …

Ahh never mind. Thanks again CrossFit!


wrote …

Kudos, Laura! Stereotypes on women in fashion are strongly based on reality :(
You are living proof things can be done smarter and healthier.


wrote …

Yeah I agree..would have been a great vid to post up on facebook in its full length. Still makes me chuckle people throwing in their coaching two pennies worth on clips. Because we all have perfect form on every rep we do don't we!


Douglas McClure wrote …

Great video Laura! Good to see this perspective on fitness. So many women in the fashion/media industry need this.


wrote …

you need to make this one public..women need to watch this..awesome story and well put together


wrote …



wrote …

@ Brad. i agree this video and interview needs to be made public. women have the misconception that doing CrossFit will make you "bulky". This is a great and exceptional video.


wrote …



wrote …

Great Vid. I got my Level 1 at CF Reston and if anybody will put a fire in your ass its Maggie. Laura = Beastmode


wrote …

Great video. I agree this one should be public.


wrote …

Most excellent video!


wrote …

Great video, thanks crossfit... :-)


wrote …

Another vote for this one being public. I'd love to have this as a response to all the lazy girls who use the "don't want to bulk up" excuse for not training, specifically with the Olympic lifts.


wrote …

I remember seeing Laura in the 2011 Open workout 5 Journal video following Jessica Pamanian and Tom Rowland ( From just the background of that video, she stands out very obviously a strong competitor and I'm glad to see her story highlighted here.

Thanks for showing the journey about a strong woman who's a great example of what training at a high level and setting goals can do for fitness and physique.
Laura keep it up, you're a great role model!


wrote …

Please tell me the name of the song. Thanks!

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