Hitch Is Hooked

By Mike Warkentin

In Athletes, CrossFit

February 13, 2012

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St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock embraces the CrossFit Life. Mike Warkentin reports.

Ken Hitchcock is a hockey guy.

He’s coached over 1,000 games behind the benches of four NHL teams, and he’s won over 500 of them. He’s been a coach at three NHL All-Star Games, and he’s been a part of two Canadian teams that won gold medals at the Olympics.

Hitchcock has also hoisted hockey’s Holy Grail, the Stanley Cup, while coaching the Dallas Stars in 1998-99.

“Hitch” is a hockey guy through and through.

He’s also a CrossFit guy.

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2 Comments on “Hitch Is Hooked”


Dale Saran wrote …

Love this. Great article, Mike. Don't know if "Hitch" has a Journal subscription, but so glad he's found the community. He might be glad to hear that it includes some die-hard puckheads, too... (Go Bruins. Sorry, Hitch.)


wrote …

I play hockey at least twice a week. I do crossfit at least 4 days a week and I've noticed my abilities in Hockey have increased due to my crossfit training. I get less tired during my shifts and I've become a much more balanced and powerful skater. The other day I chased down this guy on a break away with what seemed like little effort. I won't complain next time we do squats!

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