A Whole New Person

By Irene Kolivas

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February 09, 2012

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To say Irene Kolivas is a whole new person is not an exaggeration.

Over the course of eight months, she lost 77 lb. And for the first three months, she wasn’t even working out—just eating Paleo.

“I lost 30 lb. in three months not even moving,” Kolivas says after a WOD at CrossFit 101 in San Jose, Calif.

She officially started CrossFit in September 2011.

“Huge, huge transformation,” she says. “It was nice to just be able to go somewhere and not think how uncomfortable I am in my own clothing … that was really a big deal.”

Kolivas had tried Weight Watchers, joined 24 Hour Fitness, walked with friends, climbed hills … .

“I tried everything, but nothing stuck because I just didn’t feel the motivation,” she says. “I didn’t want it bad enough.”

Now her goal is to lose another 50 lb.

Although Kolivas initially showed no interest in CrossFit when her boyfriend started, CrossFit 101 head trainer Trac Nguyen said he never doubted she would finish the on-ramp program once she signed up.

“I saw in her eyes that she was a very determined individual. She had all the courage, all the right mental strength,” he says. “It was just trying to catch up her body to her mental strength.”

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Additional reading: By the Numbers by Amy Santamaria and Tim Retzik, published Sept. 29, 2010.

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11 Comments on “A Whole New Person”


wrote …

You're amazing Irene!


wrote …

I love these stories! There are so many good comments and reflections in this piece. Thanks for sharing Irene! I like the before and after pictures. Without a question you are on the right track to achieving your goals.


wrote …

Great piece HQ. Your experience demonstrates the diverse application of the methodolgy we preach everyday. Diet, exercise, and mindset. Thanks for aharing your story Irene.


wrote …

You know what's even more amazing then people losing weight? People who never gain the weight to begin with. I think they need to be celebrated as well.


wrote …

Shane - Have joy in your heart for others. Food is an addiction that affects some people and not others. Celebrate successes, don't be small and menial.


wrote …

What an amazing journey! Keep going and keep strong!!


wrote …

I want to see an update on this girl in another year! CrossFit is amazing, if you want it! Graet Job Girl! Keep going, we are ALL rooting for you!


Very strange Shane that you don't see that the obvious majority of coverage in Crossfit is of people who were never overweight and always athletic. Is this your first time checking out Crossfit on the web?

Irene you are a superstar...keep it up!


wrote …

A great story, a 180 if i have ever seen one, i work with a bunch of so called bad asses and trust me no one likes to do burpees, great job


replied to comment from Reis Baron

Agreed Reis..although Shane is a bit of a flamer I've noticed with his comments on the journal...God help her if she'd have been Muslim as well.

These are the stories that inspire those who have never been athletic or knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition to see Crossfit is accessible...not just for the elite. Always hearing about the gifted from birth athletes who already seem unattainable for the masses would just polarize them further.


wrote …

I love reading success stories! I love that EVERY part of Crossift is scalable to every level of fitness. I didn't start Crossfit until I was 50!! My first wod after my On-Ramp was Verteran's Day WOD for Warriors...I was so proud that I finished it!!I for one, think that Paleo eating is a HUGE part of the success! When I start to feed my body, not my appetite, that is when I really started to see results. I came across this site which has WOD performance videos and how to pair your WOD with nutrition. I hope some of the people new to Crossfit find it as helpful as I did.

WOD hard!!

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