An Addiction for the Better

By Jennifer Norman

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February 24, 2012

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As a child and adolescent, Jennifer Norman spent many days in her family’s garage learning how to squat below parallel. That’s thanks to her father, who was an Olympic weightlifter.

“We had sleds that we pulled around in dirt parking lots. … We did that when we were young, and now we do it for fun when we’re older,” says Norman, a two-year member of CrossFit Relentless in West Hartford, Conn.

With four children—including a set of twins—Norman has her hands full. CrossFit and eating Paleo have been her solutions.

“You have to be in shape. If you’re not in shape, they’re … literally going to bowl you over,” she says of her children.

Now that “I have my body back,” CrossFit seemed like a good path to her next athletic endeavor, says Norman, who competed in track and field since the age of 8.

Last year, she participated in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open. She says she plans to do the Open again this year.

Her goal: “Just to have fun with it.”

Everyone should try CrossFit, she says.

“It’s something that becomes addictive,” Norman says. “You’re so much better for it.”

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wrote …

I really enjoyed this interview. Jennifer, great energy, enjoyed your talking about your Dad, cool to grow up with a Dad who does Olympic lifts and was such a hard worker and inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Your remarks about being in shape to raise kids reminded me of something my former karate instructor told me. I noted the high school girls and college girls were not particularly strong. The young moms were much stronger. I asked my instructor. His explanation was the moms picked their kids up about fifty times a day. I think along with "waiters walks" "farmers walks" etc there should be "kid walks". Pick up a 20 Kg KB and carry it around all day. Bring in the groceries lugging the KB too.

Sevan, good one. I like all your stuff.

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