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My CrossFit Story: Kevin Miller by Kevin Miller - CrossFit Journal

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February 05, 2012

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Kevin Miller was 325 lb. when he found CrossFit through a chance encounter in a bar. Once he started, he was gung-ho, working out five times a week and wholeheartedly adopting the Paleo Diet. It was that attitude, arguably, that got him into trouble.

During a CrossFit Total, Miller had an accident that threatened to leave him without the use of his legs.

In Part 1, Miller and CrossFit New Haven trainers Eric and Carla O’Brien talk about how the 26-year-old found CrossFit and how it changed him, physically and mentally.

“It was a fantastic journey watching him … shed weight, become a better person, be more alive,” Eric O’Brien says.

Part 2 focuses on Miller’s accident while attempting a deadlift PR. Miller ended up walking four months after the injury.

“I just said to myself, ‘There’s too many good things in my life for me not to be able to walk again.’”

In Part 3, Miller is back at CrossFit, easing into things with two or three workouts a week and plenty of modifications at first. He’ll keep doing CrossFit forever, he says.

“CrossFit has transformed my life, and made me feel really, really great,” he says. “CrossFit didn’t screw up my life. I screwed up my own life by getting myself to be a head case.”

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Part 3
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Additional reading: CrossFit—and My 10-Year-Old—Helped Me Beat Leukemia by Rick Reifenberg, published Dec. 19, 2011.

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8 Comments on “My CrossFit Story: Kevin Miller”


wrote …

Video's don't load.. message "404 content not found"


wrote …

Great article. This is definite watching material for trainer and athlete alike.

Kevin - Your experience has taken your understanding of "intensity" and multiplied it. I feel this is the key ingredient in coaching CrossFit to others.


wrote …

Kevin, great story and great job... You are an inspiration to all..


wrote …

Glad he's recovered well. Stories like this is what scares me about pushing too much on certain lifts/exercises. Obviously good form is critical to avoid injury. However, most of us that crossfit are competitors and push ourselves maybe too much. Unfortunately we probably don't realize it until it's to late and we're injured.


wrote …

Great story! Good work getting back! I have a recent knee surgery and I am doing all i can just to get things to bend and things so I love this story!!!


wrote …

I have known Kevin my entire life and I remember when I found out about this how devastating it was then. Seeing him come back from it was amazing and his attitude throughout was inspiring.


wrote …

Kevin, I had tears in my eyes listening to your story. I recently injured my back a month ago and ended up having 2 small disc bulges in my lumbar area. After 3 weeks of intense rehab, the discs went back in....Thank God! I'm currently still going to rehab for it and hoping the discs secure. It's been very tough for me because I have been competition training for 2012 games with my team since August and this injury has put a halt to everything. My mistake was I didn't listen to my body ... it was asking for rest. I chose to ignore & continued to lift heavy every week. I knew once I was ready to go back, it would be very hard to get thru it mentally but I thank you for your story. Don't know what my future holds but I'm definitely remaining positive about it. It's refreshing to see that you're mentally much stronger! Take care! :)


wrote …

Awesome story. I was once 312 lbs, down to 265 with approx 40 more to go. I hope I don't have a setback like that, but there are no viable excuses for the rest of us not to reach our goals.

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