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February 15, 2012

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In the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer course, Jeff Martone says a good kettlebell swing has four key elements: weight on the heels, neutral neck, straight back and purposeful breathing. He emphasizes kinesthetic drills to help athletes understand the right and wrong ways to move their bodies.

He has course attendees do several reps of kettlebell deadlifts while keeping their weight on their heels, their necks neutral and their backs flat.

What’s often forgotten is breathing.

“Just kind of gettin’ that air in there will really take some pressure off that lower back,” Martone says.

Breathing will also help the body and mind relax and lead to better performance.

“To get max power … you gotta be relaxed,” he says. “So if you’re tense, it’s going to rob of you of speed, endurance and power.”

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Additional reading: Rugby and the Rotational Kettlebell Swing by Nicolas Rithner, published Oct. 5, 2009.

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6 Comments on “The Swing: Body Awareness in the Set-Up”


Great video! Nice easy way to introduce to noobs.


wrote …

Hey Jeff!

Keep up the great work. We love the Kettlebell videos.


wrote …

Jeff, FWIW, have your iPod H2H vids, and love them for warmup and shoulder therapy! Seems like it took less than two weeks to feel a difference - torso strength also. Never mind the fact that KB juggling is fun. Thanks,


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

Awesome work, Jeff! Keep it up!

I think everyone should take Martone's Kettlebell Trainer Course. So much great information is crammed into one weekend of training.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Keith is right, don't miss the chance to go to Jeff's KB course!
Great stuff, Jeff, thanks!


wrote …

Nice to see coaching tips from Jeff Martone in live time. This video compliments his outstanding book entitled "Kettlebell RX". I got the book this past Christmas from Jeff's website and have learned a lot from it. If you enjoy kettlebell training or want to learn more about it, I highly recommend it.

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