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By Todd Widman

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February 12, 2012

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HQ Seminar Staff member Todd Widman says everyone should attend a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course—even the person who just heard of the training methodology and has never attended a class.

“It doesn’t matter what seminar you go to; the Level 1 courses are just stocked full of amazing trainers,” he says while at a seminar at CrossFit Oahu.

Widman got hooked on CrossFit several years ago when he was a captain in the Marine Corps. As part of CrossFit’s Seminar Staff, he says he finds his job highly rewarding. Likewise, he encourages everyone in the community to give coaching a try before shouldering the responsibility of owning an affiliate.

“When you give people the power of doing something—a pull-up, a push press, a squat, whatever it is—they figure out that they can do that by their will. They can then start to take care of this,” Widman says, pointing with both index fingers to his head.

He adds: “I love that stuff because they realize that they’re still in control of their life, that it’s not just all downhill for the rest of their life. It’s shocking and humbling and beautiful.”

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19 Comments on “Meet Todd Widman”


wrote …

About time we heard from Todd again. Great dude. Now bring back the Todd and Boz Show!!


wrote …

Todd and all the level one trainers are incredible. Thanks to all of you for what you do. I know it is a grind every weekend but we appreciate the effort. FYI...passed my test from last weekends cert in Sumner. Thanks Bro!


wrote …

Todd Widman - Awesome. Realllllll Deal.


wrote …

There are not enough good things to say about Tod and the Level 1 staff! God bless you all!!


wrote …

They just don't get any better than Todd. If you have attended a seminar that he was working then you truly experienced his passion for CrossFit, teaching, sharing, laughing, and for making everyone around him better.

Thanks for all you do, Todd!


wrote …

Had the pleasure of having Todd as Flowmaster for my Kids Cert. His passion, knowledge, and personality are amazing to simply be in the presence of. Wish I could attend a Level 1 Cert. every 6 months, just to be around people like him. He truly embodies what CrossFit is about.


wrote …

Dude seems to be a beautiful person


wrote …


Never met you but I owe you. Thanks to your Startup Guide I am a CrossFitter today.

Thank you,



Joseph Alexander wrote …

Awesome to see you on here, Todd. Thank you for all you have done for me and the community.


wrote …

Todd is the man. Had the pleasure to have him as a certification instructor and also a judge at the games. Can't say enough about the things he does for this community. Powerful stuff Todd, keep inspiring with your words and actions!


wrote …

I'm down if he's picking up the tab!


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

You're the Man, Todd! I'm proud to know you, brother!


wrote …

Had an opportunity to have Todd coach me in the CrossFit Kids Cert and he is exactly the video very Professional and just what he said genuine.


wrote …

Todd was an instructor at my Level 1 up in Maine a few years back. A top shelf guy and instructor. Pat Sherwood, EC, Maggie, Tony Budding and Jon Gilson were also instructing. EVERY time since then when I do burpees or push ups I can still hear Pat calling me out for lack of chest and thighs to the deck. All over us like white on rice, holding us to that higher standard!. Love it. Great group to be a part of, very professional, motivating and also humble people, the kind that make you strive to be a better athlete and a better person.


Hollis Molloy wrote …

Todd is as good as is gets.


wrote …

Don't miss the opportunity to hear Todd present Crossfit. I've seen all the Motovational speakers on Business and Life. Todd's as good as it gets sharing his message.


wrote …

Todd was one of the coatches at my Level 1 in Bellevue WA. His passion and teaching style was part of what inspired me to want to become a coach. Highly recomend the seminar to anyone who is participating in, or just simply interested in Crossfit.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Todd - this was awesome brutha thnx for speaking from the heart!! Word up homie, I always love hearing these interviews bc they remind us what it's all about: passion, period, end of story!! BOOM!


Lauren Del Rosario wrote …

Happy to hear that your family has caught your passion for Crossfit; it gives me hope that through own dedication that my own family will be open to bringing it into their lives at some point. I was very fortunate to attend my Kids Cert with you as master of the weekend. It's been a wonderful year learning what works and what doesn't in my kids program; I always fall back on your words of encouragement. Thank you, Todd!

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