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February 10, 2012

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J.T. Scott on staying present, qualifying for the CrossFit Games and clothing the homeless.

The CrossFit Journal is pleased to present the next in a series of profiles designed to help you get to know some of the best people in our community.

J.T. Scott is an affiliate owner who trains out of his box, CrossFit Fenway, and CrossFit Somerville.

We are all lucky to meet some real firebreathers, but J.T. is an actual fire-eater.



4 Comments on “You Were Saying … With J.T. Scott”


wrote …

Enjoyable read! Thank you for such a great example.


wrote …

It's hard to believe I've known JT for almost 2 decades. Both of us went from chain-smoking, out of shape degenerates in college to affiliate owners. He is an amazing individual and the city of Boston is lucky to have him, CF Fenway and CF Somerville.


wrote …

i love this series and have been looking forward to it each and every week. Oh, and J.T. - I am one of those "brutal" Philadelphia fans, and trust me...we do make some great crossfitters!


Brandon Nugent wrote …

+20 points for Cryptonomicon!

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