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Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 3-4 by James Hobart, Austin Malleolo and Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 3-4

By James Hobart, Austin Malleolo and Pat Sherwood

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March 02, 2012

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Austin Malleolo, James Hobart and Pat Sherwood continue their road trip with a stop in Sacramento.

In Part 3, the day proves adventurous with a visit to powerlifting coach Mark Bell’s Super Training Gym, uphill body carries with two CrossFit East Sacramento owners, and an unwelcome surprise. When the day ends, the guys find their car has been broken into.

“We have no clothing—other than what’s on our bodies, and I’m closing in on a good amount of crotch rot right now,” Malleolo jokes. “So we’re gonna need to get some sort of clothes.”

At the start of Part 4, the trio has driven 10 hours straight to Salt Lake City. There, Malleolo does a dumbbell complex in the hotel gym before heading to Salt Lake City CrossFit. At the box, Tommy Hackenbruck has created an obstacle-course competition.

“This is badass,” Sherwood says.

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Additional reading: Every Man Dies, but Not Every Man Really Deadlifts by Mark Bell, published April 13, 2011.

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11 Comments on “Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 3-4”


wrote …

Awesome video -- it was fun watching your trek from Santa Cruz > SF > Sac > SLC, and Malleolo is a beast and his work ethic is inspiring! I'm from Sacramento and Justin and Travis own the box I train at. Sorry that shit happened to you guys while you were here :\


wrote …

Dude, sorry that shit happened to you guys. I can't imagine how pissed you guys were. It's fucked up.


wrote …

people are such scum


wrote …

I love these vids. Thanks guys for filming your adventures. See if you can get Dave Lipson to come along next time, that guy is hilarious.


wrote …

Cool little adventure. Pretty messed up that someone was so low of class so as to break in to the van. It would have been interesting if they were just breaking in as the guys were getting back. Would they have let them go or ran 'em down?

I like how Pat broke down the difference between the GPP Crossfitter and elite athlete. As much as we would to think we can hang with them, sometimes it's hard to accept that some people are more genetically suited to performing at an elite level.


wrote …

Awesome video, man that sucks; getting your vehicle broken into!!!!


wrote …

Great stuff guys. Entertaining, educational and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


wrote …

Sucks what happened.

Great video as per usual!


wrote …

Hey Austin,

Great testimony about someone who cares for you (your dad) and having the right support system. I am a little older than you, maybe a little older than your father, and in my case as a kid it was a coach. I have spent a lifetime "caring" for others trying to get them redirected in programs not unlike your program in Utah, and I can't tell you how uplifting it is was to hear and see your success story. Keep up the great work and attitude. Somewhere along the line, you are saving some kids life and may not even know it. Thanks.


wrote …

I can't believe some one stole your stuff.. that's.. so stupid. Sorry to hear that.


wrote …

For some reason Pat Sherwood cracks me up more than any 3 comedians combined. That dude is just so down to earth and has a way of explaining things so that they make sense and are funny as shit. Pat, If you are ever up Quantico, VA way, lets hit a WOD and share a beer!

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