CrossFit Vitality: The Kids Program

By Ameer Lambert-Smith

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March 03, 2012

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It’s a familiar story: members start bringing their kids to a CrossFit gym, and suddenly there’s an obvious demand for a CrossFit Kids program.

Ameer Lambert-Smith is involved in the kids program at CrossFit Vitality in North Carolina, and he talks about what drew him to coaching young CrossFitters, as well as some of the modifications he uses with them.

Lambert-Smith also addresses some of the standard questions about running a program for kids: what’s a good coach-athlete ratio and how do you deal with differences in age?

Of course, CrossFit Kids really always comes back to making fitness fun.

“If the children are working out, in the long run they’re going to be happier (and) the adults are going to be happy. It’s good for anyone at any age to start working out,” Lambert-Smith says.

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wrote …

We have three kids that are competitive gymnasts but we are all finding the training hours per week are out of control. Our kids are certainly not Olympic material but given their fitness level, are pretty good at most activities they become involved in and we want this to be the case going forward.

So as we look forward to reconciling "too many" training hours to an activity that promotes great overall fitness, Crossfit Kids is the obvious choice for us. Can't wait to make that move!

Keep up the good work in promoting fitness for all ages.


wrote …

Very nice ! Respect !


wrote …

Thanks for sharing. I am working on bringing this program to the krav maga center I work with. the info has been helpful.

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