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March 21, 2012

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It begins with nutrition.

“Nobody ever got strong out of a vending machine,” says CrossFit Football seminar staffer Ben Oliver. “Training makes you weaker.”

It’s rest, recovery and food that make you stronger. Next up on CrossFit Football’s pyramid is strength and conditioning. In other words, Oliver says, “conditioned enough to survive our training.”

He adds: “You can’t really get conditioned for your sport in the weight room.”

Then it’s on to the Olympic lifts and other barbell movements.

“This is where we develop speed in the weight room,” Oliver says. “This is where we know that we can teach people how to be explosive.”

From there, the next level of the pyramid is gymnastics/body awareness. Finally, the pyramid’s point contains the sport itself, which is split into the game (about 1 percent) and sport practice (about 99 percent). Still, religiously following the pyramid doesn’t necessarily guarantee results, he says.

“At the end of the day, if your training’s awesome but you actually just suck at your sport, you will never play.”

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Additional reading: Sport-Specific Training Using CrossFit Fundamentals by Kevin W. Cann Jr., published May 14, 2011.

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3 Comments on “The CrossFit Football Pyramid”


wrote …

Legit video. Love the ending. I work at a high school and train a group of kids and one of the things we do is group them according to their sport for a sort of pre-workout skill session. If it is wrestling they are practicing take downs or one-leg sweeps, basketball is doing shooting drills, football players running routes, soccer players working ball drills, etc... The best thing it does is it gives the kids with higher skill a chance to be a leader. IMO.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Cool video Ben. I work with ^Brian Hassler^ in training the kids. I kind of disagree with the order of the pyramid in the sense that I think gymnastics (in the sense that you talked about - body awareness, coordination, etc.) should be below Oly & Barbell movements. You chouldn't back squat without first developing your air squat (a gymnastic move).

But anyway, I did enjoy the segment about coaching. We deal with that issue all too often. Everything you hit on in that area is what we deal with in most sports and it gets rather annoying.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …


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